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 Can they put chemo ports.....?
Can chemo ports be put in your groin area? Its a long story, but my brother says he has cancer and we want to be there for him, but he are known for lying. He is showing no signs of cancer (Typical) ...

 I caught my dad smoking a Cigar and...?
And he says that Cigars arent bad for you! I know he's trying to calm me down about it but obviously, you inhale them and spit out the smoke, right?? And I quote, "Honey, its because you ...

 what are the chances of me getting breast cancer?
it runs in my family i guess since my grandma got it. im 15 & latina. i don't know if that matters but what do you think are the possibilities of me getting breast cancer? and what are some ...

 Cancer scare on neck, 2 lumps!?!?!?! Help!!!!?
I first noticed these lumps about a week ago after just feeling around my neck, nothing serious. Since then they have gotten bigger, and much more irratable, like a very very swollen feeling. They ...

 How fast do you die of cancer?
Please, answer asap!...

 What is focal intraductal epithelial hyperplasia?

 Would you say i have cancer?
Okay, so two months ago, my family and i went to Las Vegas on a trip. It was really sunny and hot. On the way back from Vegas, i realized that i had a heat rash on my left and right arm. The heat ...

 How does the color pink represent Breast Cancer Awareness?
Ever noticed the color pink is common for Breast Cancer? Why pink?...

 What is a neutral cancer ribbon color?
I am getting a tattoo and it is going to say DUM SPIRO SPERO which means while i breath i hope....but I want to get a cancer ribbon in front of it. The problem is..I have had a lot of family members ...

 what kind of tests should i undergo (pelvic pain)?
my pelvic area has been hurting, its really an annoying kind of pain. the only thing i can think of is either cancer or growing pains (i'm 16). the pain isn't really in any specific area, ...

 precancerous cells on cervix?
I was told when I was in my second trimester pregnant with triplets that I had stage II precancerous cells on my cervix. They told me it was too risky doing a colposcopy so they wanted me to wait ...

 Is there a type of cancer that causes death quickly and painlessly?

 has anyone heard of low bone mass?
My son is little. He is 19 months and weights 15.2lbs. And looks healthy and he don't look like a dwarf or has dwarf sendrim Well his doctor recently told me. Andres has a low bone mass. If ...

 under arm lymph nodes?
I have a burning pain along with a little swelling under my left arm pit, its near the surface. Are the lymph nodes near the surface or deep in the arm pit? Just a little worried. It seemed to ...

 what are the signs of skin cancer?
im freaking out and i think i may have it. what are signs of the early stages of it?...

 At what point, should treatment start in elderly Leukemia patients?
My father was diagnosed with Leukemia about a year ago. His white blood cell count is at 30,000 now. 4 months ago it was at 11,000. When is treatment recommended and what type is typical? His Dr ...

 What is the cancer rate?
I saw a commercial that said 1 in 2 people will get cancer. I find that hard to believe. Extremely hard. That would mean that in America there would be at least 150 million people with cancer and 3 ...

 Ovarian cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i just got checked for ovarian cancer, and im only 13. i really badly nervous. i just wanted to know if i can die from it if i do have the cancer. i also want to know about ovarian cancer, i am ...

 how sodium lauryl sulfate causes protein denaturation?
sodium lauryl sulfate causes cellular protein ...

 How the release rate of drug initially decreases?

Lump inside flap of ear?
I am abit worried...
i have a little lump inside my ear flap, i have only just noticed it 5 minutes ago, as i ALWAYS stoke/fiddle with my ear flap...
i tried quickly researching this but i can only find it about dogs?
will this lump just go away just like any other lump?


Do you mean ear lobe?

The Twenty-Fifth Flash

Message for the Sick

[This treatise consists of Twenty-Five Remedies. It was written as a salve, a solace, and a prescription for the sick, and as a visit to the sick and a wish for their speedy recovery.]

Warning and Apology

This immaterial prescription was written with a speed greater than all my other writings, and since time could not be found in which to correct and study it, unlike all the others, it was read only once—and that at great speed like its composition. That is to say, it has remained in the disordered state of a first draft. I did not consider it necessary to go over carefully the things which had occurred to me in a natural manner, lest they be spoilt by arranging them and paying them undue attention. Readers and especially the sick should not feel upset and offended at any disagreeable expressions or harsh words and phrases; let them rather pray for me.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

Those who say when afflicted by calamity: “To God do we belong and to Him is our return.” * Who gives me food and drink * And when I am ill it is He Who cures me.

In this Flash, we describe briefly Twenty-Five Remedies which may offer true consolation and a beneficial cure for the sick and those struck by disaster, who form one tenth of mankind.


Unhappy sick person! Do not be anxious, have patience! Your illness is not a malady for you; it is a sort of cure. For life departs like capital. If it yields no fruits, it is wasted. And if it passes in ease and heedlessness, it passes most swiftly. Illness makes that capital of yours yield huge profits. Moreover, it does not allow your life to pass quickly, it restrains it and lengthens it, so that it will depart after yielding its fruits. An indication that your life is lengthened through illness is the following much repeated proverb: “The times of calamity are long, the times of happiness, most short.”


O ill person who lacks patience! Be patient, indeed, offer thanks! Your illness may transform each of the minutes of your life into the equivalent of an hour’s worship. For worship is of two kinds. One is positive like the well-known worship of supplication and the five daily prayers. The other are negative forms of worship like illness and calamities. By means of these, those afflicted realize their impotence and weakness; they beseech their All-Compassionate Creator and take refuge in Him; they manifest worship which is sincere and without hyprocrisy. Yes, there is a sound narration stating that a life passed in illness is counted as worship for the believer—on condition he does not complain about God. It is even established by sound narrations and by those who uncover the realities of creation that one minute’s illness of some who are completely patient and thankful becomes the equivalent of an hour’s worship and a minute’s illness of certain perfected men the equivalent of a day’s worship. Thus, you should not complain about an illness which as though transforms one minute of your life into a thousand minutes and gains for you long life; you should rather offer thanks.



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