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Thank you,


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Is there any way a 13-year-old can have breast cancer?
If I have a lump on my breast that is issuing some yellowish substance, is it possible I have breast cancer? Don't worry, I have a doctor's appointment coming up soon, but I'm really worried. Does anyone have some helpful advice?

If a 13 year old had breast cancer, her case would make news headlines and would be written up in medical journals across the world; that's how unlikely it is. As people often point out to teenage girls on here, you have more chance of being hit by lightning.

Breast cancer is almost unheard of in under 25s (let alone young teens); fewer than 0.1% of those diagnosed with it are under 30 and only 5% are under 40. Most (80%) are over 50.

Most breast lumps, even in women over 50, aren't cancer; and you say your lump is ON your breast - cancerous lumps are within the breast tissue. Nor do cancerous breast lumps have discharge - any discharge linked to breast cancer is from the nipple.

It sounds like a skin condition, a zit or a boil.

Any changes you notice in your breasts while they are growing and developing are almost certainly normal hormonal development

Stop worrying; you are at an age where breast cancer is just about unknown and you don't have symptoms of breast cancer. When you see your doctor, s/he will be able to reassure you. Meanwhile, talk to your mother about it.

generally speaking you generallly dont' ever kn ow when you have it its when it hurts that the problem cmes in and they i could be cancer. i mean yes go have it checked and find out yes it could be but doubt it. anyone anytime can have cancer. we have the cells in us but when they become active that is the problem.???

Mary Boo
I do not think for one moment that you have cancer. I know you hear and read a lot about breast cancer in our society and that being aware of it is important but at your tender age it is unheard of.

Even at the age of 35 breast cancer is really very rare being much more a disorder of older women aged 55 and over.

The changes you are noticing are extremely common at 13 because at this age your hormones are changing and your breasts are developing and all this makes breast lumps much more likely.

Technically a 13 year old COULD get breast cancer... but it would be quite unlikely. It sounds more like you have an infected hair follicle or something like that. I'm sure you will be fine, but make sure you get to that docs appt either way.

Hello NA:
Ok It is very very very rare for a 13 year old to get breast cancer.
but if you have a lump with a yellowish substance coming out than
it sounds like you may have a type of cyst and the doctor will
want to remove the fluid or remove the cyst all together but it does
not sound like breast cancer. I have had breast cancer and trust me
that is what a cyst sounds like feels like and looks like. And It is
ok to worry and when you don't know what is wrong it is normal to
worry about what is wrong. But in this case you can count on it
not being breast cancer. But do follow through with your doctors
apartment to take care of it he may just give you a antibiotic or
do minor surgery or just remove the fluid with a needle.
Good luck and Enjoy life.

Cleopatra's Daughter
It is possible, but it is very rare. Get it checked ASAP though! It could be something else, but you want to catch it quick if it isn't. My prayers are with you!

It's possible, not very likely. You could have a sebaceous cyst, that will issue some yellow substance if squeezed. You could express some fluid from your nipples - doesn't mean breast cancer, just means you are maturing.

Go to your doctor's appt. and tell him or her your concerns but I'm betting it is either a minor problem or normal maturation.

It's very unlikely, but get it checked.

oηε soηg glory
Yes it's possible, but it is VERY rare and chances are it's not cancer it's probably just a zit. Hopefully you don't.

no, it is just about impossible, very very unlikely. It is probably an issue of the physical growth of the girl and NOT breast cancer. It is very rare for anyone under 25 to get it and impossible for somebody her age to have it, it would be more likely to be hit by lightening then her having breast cancer.

Honey if you have breast cancer at 13 years old, it would be on CNN. As lo_mcg pointed out fewer than 1% of breast cancer patients are under thirty. Therefore you have a .005% chance of having breast cancer. It is far more likely you have a cyst, a boil, or a zit.

PLEASE GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR! I am 16 years old. On July 25th I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma which is a type of cancer that affects many teens. It affects the lymph nodes. I ended all treatments and surgeries on October 30th. Please go talk to your doctor... I noticed a lump on my neck and I went to the doctor and he scheduled an appointment with my pediatric surgeon. They already knew right there and then. Good thing I checked it out early and I am 100% cured. Teens can get breast cancer. But don't stress out. Stressing out makes it worse. I am sure everything will be okay. I just really want you to check it out so you don't have to worry anymore. Good luck! I am sure you will be fine!

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