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 how do i know if my moles are cancerous?
i have a mole on my face that has hair growing from it and my friend told me if it grows hair it isnt cancerous but it feels like its bigger and it looks lighter for some reason.

Please ...

 Reusing plastic bottles marked with recycle number 1: is it safe?
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 Can teen boys get breast cancer?
Im not a boy but one of my friends think he has breast cancer and he's serious. the docters even said he needs to come back for test cause they found a lump. I just want to know the %tage of ...

 Does writing on the hand cause cancer?
I need to know because I do it a lot and classmates say it's wrong! Thanks! :)...

 What is the most deadly type of Cancer?
In terms of shortening life span? Just curious....

 prostate cancer radiation therapy is about to start. Does anyone have any good or bad to say about it .?

 How can I know I do not have cancer ?
can I know my self without seeing a doctor I am free of cancer ?...

 Please correct me can you have cancer and high blood pressure at the same time?

 My breast feel lumpy and sore. Is this a sign of breast cancer?

 All signs pointing to cancer, can someone clarify?
My 17 year old sister in law has the following symptoms which I think I know what is wrong.
Can I get a second opinion please. (Please don't say "go to doctors" as I KNOW this is ...

 what do we mean when we use the terms bengn tumor and malignant tumor?

 can a 13 year old get breast cancer?
I took a shower and i felt a lump in my breast can i have cancer????...

 Can someone get cancer from only 2 years of smoking cigarettes (about 5 a day)?

 Could I possibly have cancer?
I heard that cancer is gentic and can run in your family. I'm 15 and I never really thought about myself having cancer, but now that I come to think about it, serveral people from my family have ...

 How Do You Cope With So Many Friends And Family Who Have Cacner?
Sometimes I think I will just lose my mind if I find out one more person I love or know has cancer. My Grandma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer years ago. She fought it and had it beat! She was later ...

 I have a question about cancer and stress!?
Hi Everyone,

I want to ask a question relating to stress and cancer.
Ok, my mom saw on tv that the way that a person can have
cancer is not always through family genes, but they ...

 best colon cleaner?

 do moles cause skin cancer ?

 Russian surgeon finds a 2 inch fir tree in a patient's lung. How did it get there?
Surgeons find fir tree 'growing inside patient's lung'<...

 where can i find a charty to help someone with cancer asap?
My brother has cancer and he only has a short time to live and I want to have a found-raiser but I don't know where or who to contact or how to go about it.PLEASEEE HELP ME HELP MY BROTHER,...

Is Doctor Mercola credible?
I agree with his opinion on sun exposure (that its danger is blown way out of proportion by the sunblock funded dermatologist industry), and on his view of caloric restriction (which is well-researched). But it seems like every article he writes, he is shamelessly plugging this or that particular brand of the new cure-all. So dozens of studies find fish oil to be an outstanding nutrient for mood, acne, and chronic inflammation. Dr. Mercola seems to find a way to make all those Fish Oil supplements on the shelf somehow inferior to this obscure mega fish oil he's found (which, needless to say, was not the fish oil used in the dozens of studies he cites). I just find it more and more difficult to trust someone who sounds like a door-to-door salesman.

Ryan Reynolds
Dr. Mercola is a DO (osteopathic physician). I believe DOs and MDs have similar training and are both licensed to prescribe medicine and perform surgery in all 50 states. DOs, however, focus more on PREVENTION. Since Dr. Mercola is also trained in natural medicine, I think it is only natural for him to recommend health products which may help people who are sick or facing health challenges, as opposed to telling them to just take drugs.

Sam M
I've read that for more than 20 years, Dr. Mercola has been practicing as an osteopathic physician and helping people become more familiar to and immersed in natural health. But Dr. Mercola’s credibility was further strengthened when, around five years before the drug was recalled in the market, he already warned the public of the lethal dangers of the popular anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx. He also disclosed how citizens were hoaxed into panicking over a “looming” bird flu pandemic, all in the name of profit and gains for the big businesses. The government had been complicit, but not Dr. Mercola. These are only icing on the cake; I think that the health expert does laudable everyday work at his popular website, Mercola.com, which offers practical, natural solutions to different health woes and challenges.

Unfortunately everyone getting publicity of any kind is probably selling something, so it is up to us to figure out where truth can be found here. It might be best to look at the larger picture , Mercola is correct about the chemical industries which push the toxic sunscreens on people ( cancer rates went up when more of those lotions were sold, when they should have went down ). The real questionable characters are fear mongers like Dr. Robert Gallo, who has made millions off of toxic drug sales. I didn't see Mercola peddling such "treatments".

Very little of what he says is credible. He is just a doctor that uses his title to sell worthless cure-alls.

He's a quack and a charlatan.

It isn't just his vitamins he claimsa are superior - Mercola claims his cookware (which he offers for sale on his site) is the only cookware available that won't kill us or make us ill.

Would you really trust this man's views on anything?

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