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I believe he was a Professor.
We are both half deaf, but what we did hear, inspired us.

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 i think i may have cancer?
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 if someone gets terminal cancer in their liver can the persons liver be taken out?
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 help me im so scared about cancer?
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 How can you avoid getting cancer?
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Im scared of cancer? what if i get it?
i keep hearing storys of people getting cancer but my dad and mom don't have it is there any way i can prevent from getting it.

Just try to stay as healthy as possible. If it isn't in your family, than your risk is reduced, but anyone can get cancer- it does not discriminate. You can do things to prevent, and leading a healthy life will also help you out if you do get it, because a healthier cancer patient has a better chance of handling the treatment with less difficulty.

I am healthy, my husband is healthy, but our son was diagnosed wth cancer when he was 7 months old, he's fine now-

there's no way to protect yourself 100%

What if you do? You will learn how to deal with it. You will have more strength to deal with it than you realize. And you will do everything in your power to win the fight.

I tried to eat healthy food, exercise my body and mind and get enough sleep. But I got brain tumors anyway. I had the surgeries and radiation therapy but the tumors came back and have been upgraded to cancer.

Why do I tell you this? Because I learned a long time ago that for every single second I worry about it, I let the cancer win. Cancer has no power over me if I do not let it. I am a survivor and I will keep fighting to my last breath.

The best thing you can do is keep an eye on your body. Learn what is going on with it. Pay attention to any changes in your body that you think are not normal. If necessary see a doctor about it but don't obsess over something for no reason. Be informed.

If you focus so much on getting cancer, you will miss out on the joys of life.


Verite R
Please don't be scared of cancer. It used to be a dreadful disease, but modern treatment and drugs has reduced problems enormously.

You can't stop yourself getting this, but if you follow sensible guide-lines you will be healthier and able to get through treatment more efficiently and quickly. Go to www.after-cancer.com/food - and there is a lot there about what to eat. Likewise with Exercise - a very good healthy way of ensuring long life.

And best of luck.

Verite R

If you are healthy and cancer doesn't run in your family then don't worry about it but if you are worried about it go to your doctor and get regular check ups.

cancer is something which you can't avoid. it isn't contagious or anything like that. there are many other diseases out there which have far less survival chance and are contagious and fairly common. cancer just has alot of exposer! some experts however do beleive that radiation the sort in mobiles can contribut to things like brain tumours if you chat on them for too long by your ear. there is no proof but if you're worried speak on your phone using speaker phone!

live your life to the full don't get all worried about cancer the chances are small and you can't be scared your whole life.
and if you do get cancer and die you would have wanted to have lived your life to the full before then. so i guess what i mean is make the most of you life now and think about cancer if it comes your way!

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