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 how do i become an oncologists?

 Is it just me, or doesn't everything cause Cancer?
I know not everything, but a lot of things cause cancer. I think I'll stay locked up in my room, no tv, no phone, no sunlight, nothing. I think I'll be safe then.......

 What's the best thing that you can do for someone going through Chemotherapy.?
I hate seeing my mom go through this....

 why do people with out cancer get ulcers?
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 If all smokers developed terminal lung cancer,whom would they blame,themselves or the tobacco companies?
They must think they are immune to lung cancer,emphysema and heart disease....

 over the last 50 years this activity in the American home has decreased by 85%, what is it?
over the last 50 years this activity in the American home has decreased by 85%, what is it?...

 7 pound tumer?

 Can a sixteen year old girl get breast cancer?

 why doesnt the media give nearly as much attention to other types of cancer as it does to breast cancer?
as someone who suffers from cancer, i can say im sick of all the attention towards just breast cancer alone. the donations are unbalanced...why can't we have a "general cancer fund" ...

 Is there any absoulte proof cigarettes cause cancer. My teacher said there is no proof?
My teacher claims there is no proof and if we can find an article proving otherwise we will recieve 100 extra credit points. My searchs online so far back up my teachers claim so please ...

 what happens to people when they are dying from cancer?
My friend is dying from cancer. I want to prepare myself for what is to come. What happens as a person dies from ...

 What are the chances I'll get cancer?
I eat very healthy. I work out 5-6 times a week, I don't eat ANY sugar, extremely low carbs, good amount of protein, average amount of fats, and I take calcium and CLA pills (remember, CLA has ...

 Cure for cancer? Chemo?
Scurvy killed many before they found that limes "vit C" cured that ailment. Beriberi was cured when they found it was a vitamin deficiency. Pellagra was cured when they discovered it was a ...

 Could Vitamin Defficiency be the cause for my wife having pains all over her body?
My wife shows a lot of fibromyalgia symptoms. She hurts all over her body everyday, ranging from her knees to her back to her neck. I am wondering if this could be caused by not taking any vitamins ...

 what is the best to start an introduction about breast cancer?
am suppose to be given a speech about breast cancer but not sure how to get people ...

i was taking a bath and found that my libia minora is swollen and very tender it seems to be filled with fluid none coming out just in there like when you get a blood blister. it's swollen area ...

 Can you get cancer this way?
Imagine if someone injected cancer cells (say taken from some cancer patient) into your body, your internal organs, will you get cancer?...

 how long can for smoke until you get cancer ?

 Why wont a placebo be used if the drug was a possible cure for advanced cancer?

 Brain matasteses?
My father has had lung cancer for 3 years and recently it has matastesized to his brain causing lesions on the left side of the white matter. He hallucinates and is very anxious all the time and is ...

Paul Moroco
If 1 in 3 people get cancer, does that mean....?
that if me, my mum, and my dad were together alone, one of us will get cancer?

Van Ryder
If you keep gulping down car fumes it is a mathematical certainty that you will all get it.

yes only when 3 people are together wil one get cancer, so you go to stick with 2 or 4+

it could skip generations so thats not a not sure answer even the doctor will tell you that but the best thing to do is make sure you get tested since it runs in the family

good luck:)

Tom B
no. that number is based off of the percentage of the population that ends up developing cancer. Some ethnic groups have higher or lower rates of cancer. Also, if multiple members of your extended family develop cancer, you may be at a higher risk. If you are a healthy, non-smoker, in one of the ethnic groups with low cancer rates, you and your whole family may be cancer free.

On in three women and one in two men will develop cancer over a lifetime of around 80 years. Most people diagnosed with cancer are over 60.

I know you mean this as a joke - but get the statistics right.

sugar baby
I think this statistic is for cancer cases, not just cancer patients. That means that if one person has two types of cancer they would be counted as two cancer cases which would raise the statistics count. Basically, in a family of 6 a person developed stomach cancer and lung cancer, they would cover the 1 in 3 statistic for the 6 people in their family, thus sparing the other family members. I am of course basing that on the thinking that 1 person in a group of 3 is guaranteed to have cancer (or 2 out of 6).

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