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 Advanced prostate cancer treatments and survival rate?
One of my dearest online friends was just diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. He is being treated with hormones to keep the cancer form growing . He is 60,very fit and otherwise healthy. How ...

 Is Haldol a good medicine?
I have a bit of anxiety and I worry a lot and get tense a lot. I wanted something to help relax me so the doctors prescribed Haldol 1 mg once a day. Has anyone taken this drug?? Is it a good ...

 To what extent is cancer a genetic disease?

So I was re-watching a class recording in a Molecular Biology of Oncogenes class and my professor stated that she believes that cancer is (mostly) a genetic disease. I understand that ...

 Does sleeping next to a internet modem cause cancer?
I sleep next to my computer and the modem everyday and I wonder if I'll ever get brain cancer. I'm really scared....

 Can Kinect give you cancer?
My littler cousins,my sister and I play Kinect, and we want to know if Kinect can give you cancer. Even if Kinect gives doesn't give you cancer, what else can you catch from it? Please tell me....

 Would skin cancer show up on a Chest Xray if the mole was on your chest?

 If you go to the ER will they do a skin biopsy for you or no?
like for skin cancer?????????? cause the doc said for me to go to a dermatologist but that appointment is taking FOREVERrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol what u all think?...

 Is it possible to get cervial cancer from the Gardisal Shot?
I got the shot a week ago and since then i have expirenced sharp lower abdominal pains. They are usually shatp but have dulled down and it hurts to cough or flex my stomach muscles. Also I have had ...

 How can you tell if you have cancer?
I'm just curious....

 am i not supposed to care what i look like just cos i got cancer?
i know that it's more important to get better thats why im in treatment. but i still care that i look bad and different to everyone else. and it makes me feel bad when someone said "looking ...

 stages of cancer help please?
my friend has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. i know that i should really try to find out from a doctor but we have none where we live and our phone isn't working. so i wanted to ...

 Is the mole skin cancer?
hi i am 15 years old an i have many moles and freckles on my arms stomach and back for a while i have had this mole on my arm with a hair on it is it cancerous none of my mole hurt but i have on on ...

 Why is this lymph node hard and swollen?
I've had a hard lymph node in my neck for almost a year now. I've been to the doctor several times and have been put on amoxicillin, augmentin, cephalexin, and most recently 1500 mg of ...

 Can computers cause cancer?
Can computers cause cancer?

I know, a lot of people say they don't (which I suspect, is partly to reassure themselves) but how will we know for sure that they don't until 20 or 3...

 does cortisol destroy cancer cells?
I have smoldering myeloma. Would taking cortisol help destroy these ...

 What are the benefits of Colon Detox?

 What is the MOST COMMON treatment for endometrial cancer?
Or is there more than just one type of common treatment?...

 What do Cigarettes Cause?
I know that they cause cancer, but is there anything else. Please list everything it causes. Thanks.

BTW, this is a project for school....

 What color ribbon is for chordoma?
I got diagnosed with a tumor between my tailbone and spinal cord and was wondering what awareness color is for chordoma cancer pacients. =)...

 What is the best book(s) on guided imagery and its benefits for cancer patients? Why do you think so?
I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer (She has NEVER smoked, BTW). Professionally, I'm a big believer in guided imagery as an adjunct to traditional cancer treatment, but I ...

I keep getting this spider web feeling across my face. What could it be?
It is usually accompanied with some minor pain in my temple and sometimes in my cheekbone area. I made an appointment but they could not get me in right away. I have to wait for over a week unless someone cancels and I can take their slot.
I DO NOT WANT TO POST THIS UNDER SKIN CONDITIONS OR CANCER BUT IT IS EITHER THAT OR FIRST AID!!! ( Yahoo!Answers will not permit me to choose which category I want it to go under. I have attempted to change this several times and it always tacks on something I DID NOT CHOOSE:( If I could yell at the Yahoo!Answers staff responsible for this glitch, I would not yell at them, I would control my frustrations better. But yelling at a no-face is just too easy.

Actually, yeah, you could have chosen where this question went..YA only suggests where your question should go. You can very easily change it and put it anywhere you would like. Cancer is not going to cause spiderweb like feelings across your face...You should go the "The Ghosthunters'" website and see if you can search it..

Like I said, I've posted questions and can change the where the question will be placed, you just didn't bother changing it...

isnt it hair? when individual strands touch your face?

hi it soundl like you might have a sinus infection or allergies tend to do this good luck with your question.

Arvid Boome
fear of spider the only way to get rid of it is to eat! a spider

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