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 things with caffeine?
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I have AML leukemia, am a 17 year old male, what are my chances of survival?
i'm in remission and have been since my first round of chemo, i'm just wondering what my chances of surviving without relapsing over the next 5 or so years.

Dr Samantha
I suggest you to see ---> http://www.all-home-remedies.com
I found this link a few days on answers.yahoo.com. This site really have lots of information about the cure of common ailments

Lucy Furr
I'm not sure. Not the best site for specific medical advice. However all i can recommend to you is try to do and accomplish as much as you can while you can. There are no guarantees in life and you don't want to die with regrets. I wish you good luck.

I honestly don't know - but wish you well.

It really depends on the subtype of AML you have, the cytogenetics, and the cell counts. People your age have far higher cure rates as youre able to withstand aggressive treatment. I dont want to cite any 5-year % survival or cure rates without knowing what subtype you have, but know that it's as high as 97% for some of them.
Don't be afraid, trust your doctors, and just hope for the best.
Good luck.

"iversona... " has a good answer - though 97% seems a bit high.
We don't know the details of your case.
There are at least 7 subtypes of AML.
You must have a hematologist oncologist since you have been given chemotherapy to attain remission. It is perfectly OK for you to ask that doctor this direct question about your chances. He or she could give you the data knowing the details of your situation.

Maybe they think you are too young to handle the data.
I don't agree with that. At 17 you are an adult to me.
After induction chemotherapy, you have already been through a war.
Ask your hematologist/oncologist directly.
He or she will not be able to predict the future precisely, but he or she will know the chances in a case such as yours.

Just my opinion that you have the right to know all you can about this.
Any answer we give here will be a poor guess compared to the oncologist who knows you.

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