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 i have been tested positive for H.PYLORI.will i get stomach cancer.?

 Lump in the throat symptom of?
I have a lump in my throat for a good few months now, its not painful i would describe it more as a discomfort ( i have no other symptoms what so ever). Could this be symptom of cancer even though ...

 Will it be cancer? :(?
My grand dad told be today that he went for a CT scan and something showed up on his liver. he doesnt know the exact results yet but he knows there is something on the liver.. will it be cancer? :( ...

 my friend tried smoking oregano and she coughed really badly will she do the same if she tries normal ciggies?

 Has anyone else had this symptom as a result of chemo?
My sister in law had her first round of chemo for breast cancer last Monday. Wed, Thur and Fri she said she felt like she was in a black hole. She felt separated from her body and unable to get back ...

 ulceritive colitis?
has any one had their colon removed if so please explain the reason why and how it effects you. my 15 year old daughter might be having hers removed next week . Thanks Its the whole of the colon see ...

 what do antioxidants do?
what do they do in food? do they stop oxygen from getting in?...

 will the HPV (cervical cancer) vaccination affect the contraceptive pills reliability?
see i want to get the vaccination but i dont want it to affect the reliability of my pill for new years eve.... any help?...

 Do I have a lump in my mind?
Should I ask my doctor about this? Whenever I think too hard, it hurts and my brain throbs....

 Has anyone used Champix to give up smoking.?
If so on which day did you stop smoking and was it before your nominated date, as I am on day 6 now with no effect at all ( to be honest I think I may be smoking more !!!!!! )...

 Can having a bone scan give you cancer?
I have to have a bone scan because of my from scoliosis. Can having this give me cancer?...

 could this be cancer symptoms?
I am 32 and I had a baby 9 months ago. I was pretty poorly afterwards. I needed a blood transfusion, iron transfusion and a fortnight in hospital on a drip of anti-b's. It took me at least 3 ...

 help on cancer foods?
what foods are carcinogenic and what foods are good for cancer?...

 Whats that free scan for the early signs of cancer/heart attack free for those between 30-70 ?
It was on the TV its basically a non intrusive way to scan for the early signs of cancers heart decease etc It was free and its better than nothing!...

 What things cause/contribute to "brain cancer" and how common is this?
how does it progress and what are symtoms of this? and also please describe what is basically happening to the persons body or brain? how do they think differantly too? which areas of the ...

 My mum's got ascites due 2 ovarian cancer.Water's been drained 5 times.How can she stop water accumulating?

 Human Papillomavirus - having this virus, does this mean I have cervical cancer?
I've suffered from hives and verrucas in the past - all of which are realted to the HPV virus - does this mean I'm at great risk or already have cervical cancer? Many thanks in advance....

 what is the main causes of liver cancer??

 SKIN CANCER: 2vitamins.com Blog post an article about indoor tanning bringing cancer. Is it true?

 Do you think I have skin cancer?
I've had this really odd looking mole on the side of my hairline for about a half a year since I noticed it. I'm going for a regular checkup at the end of the month to my doctor so I will ...

How soon after a lumpectomy (breast cancer) did you go back to work?
How soon after your operation did you return to work?

I had my lumpectomy and axial node clearance on Thursday, and was well enough to return to work on the following Monday. However, my wound was still draining and due to OH&S issues they would not let me return until the drain tube was removed. Apparently my wound took a relatively long time to drain (11 days) so I didn't return to work until the Tuesday nearly 2 weeks after my surgery. I was only working part time (4 hours per day, 5 days per week) prior to my surgery so was able to continue to work throughout chemo and radiation as I could fit treatments around my working hours.

Sandy Sandals
I was back to my desk job in 3-5 days.

kathy s
I had surgery Friday. Was out Sat, Sun Mon and Tuesday. Went back to work WEdnesday. Worked thru chemo. The radiation wore me out. Had to take a 4 wk break there.

Although I did not have cancer, I had a lumpectomy on a Thursday and was back to work on Tuesday.

Candy Floss
Most women in my family have had some form of cancer. My mum had a lumpectomy and returned to work after 1 week. Each person is different, i would envisage to recover properly, you take the time off that you were advised to, i know with my mum it was 4-6 weeks. Good luck sweetie

I had the lumpectomy on Thursday and was back at work the following Wednesday. I felt fine, but dealing with the freakin drain hanging out of my side was a pain. You might not need a drain if it's just a lumpectomy ... I also had an axillary node dissection.

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