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 How come on TV when a character gets cancer they always beat it?

 My boyfriend has cancer..?
Not long ago my boyfriend was diagnosed with osteosarcoma or bone cancer. We are both 17 and we were each other's first lovers. It has been very stressful on both of us. Of course he promised me ...

 Do I have lung cancer?
I have been smoking for almost a year now and I am just recently feeling a knot in my back. Whenever I take a deep breath it is more noticeable. It is nothing severe just read where back pain is a ...

 Whats wrong with me,and why isn't my mom lisening.?
Ok. So I have a lump on the center, left side of my neck. I have no idea what it is. I keep telling my mom we really need to go to the doctor because it could be something bad. She just like ignores ...

 When should you have surgery for a lump on your thyroid.?
I had seven needle biopsy's and none showed cancer. I also had an ultrasound. The lump will never go away so why doesn't the doctor suggest surgery. I also was told biopsy's don't ...

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They gave him a PILL which was a sedative. Isn't that going to alter the results, since all types of pills change the brain in some way?!...

 Which of these Patients Will Regain Function ?
Three patients in an intensive care ward are examined by the resident doctor One patient has brain damage from a stroke, another had a heart attack that severely damaged his heart muscle, and the ...

 i'm 13 and today i got told i might have a brain tumor?
i've suffered headaches, nose bleeds, dizziness, vomiting, twitching of my leg and fainting for the past 2 years and my doctor finally got me to see a specialist today at the hospital. They told ...

 My mum has cancer and i'm scared?
The doctors found a melanoma, and if its spread she could die.They cut it out straight away, but its been there for ages. She's had it checked before and they said its fine, but the specialist ...

 Mum has cancer, please please help.?
The doctors found a melanoma, and if its spread she could die.They cut it out straight away, but its been there for ages. She's had it checked before and they said its fine, but the specialist ...

 Why do Caucasians have a higher incidence of Multiple Sclerosis?
I have read that MS is almost unheard of in native Africans. Is this difference due to diet, genetics, calcification of the pineal gland, etc?...

 Does exercising a lot lead to cancer?

 What are the odds of my dad or me getting cancer?:'(?
What are the odds of my dad getting cancer?
He is the youngest of three and his dad had it and his great grandfather but he eats good and drinks alot of water so is he going to be ok??:(

 can bad hair loss mean cancer?
i have bone aces too and i feel very tried after doing nothing at all.The baddest thing is i lose ten to twenty hairs a day and have my PMS two times a ...

 Why can't doctors cure cancer?
what is taking them so long they're soo dumb!...

 is this cancer? what is happening?
ok so lately i have noticed some pale reddish under skin spots on my palms and wrists, and some that started to appear on my arm as well, not itchy at all. also i have some bruises that i have no ...

 My mother in law may have ovarian cancer and needs surgery next week but we don't have any insurance?
The hospital at the UAB denied her for their charity care program because she hasn't been a resident of Alabama for 12 months. Does anyone know where we can turn to for help?...

 question about breast cancer?
is it true that you can get breast cancer from being hit in the breast?...

 do kids with cancer have their own hospitals, just for them? or...?
can young cancer patients be in regular hospitals with other people who are there for OTHER ...

 Great news, I am feeling like we are out of the woods, agree?
Breast cancer diagnosed 07/2008. (Triple Negative Stage 2B). Becky had a ultra-sound test and an MRI done last week. Our oncologist left us a message that the results were perfect.


How long does it take for a colon polyp to develop?
My wife had a colonoscopy 1.5 years ago and was told that everything was fine, with no need to return for another seven years.

Today, she was examined for colitis, and a polyp was discovered, which needs to be removed.

While I'm glad that this polyp has been discovered by chance, it concerns me that it would not otherwise have been found for another five years during the next colonscopy, giving it plenty of time to grow and perhaps become dangerous.

1) Given that the colonoscopy was so recent, how likely is it that the doctor "missed" the polyp?

2) How long does a polyp take to develop? Could it have been non-existent at the time of the colonoscopy and since then developed?

3) What about waiting 7 years? Is this the right amount of time to wait for a 35 year old with family history of colon cancer? To me, this seems like a long time.

I've read articles that some docs are better at detection than others - so I'm paranoid, especially given family history.

Corrosion EAC
Hi there, my sister is a colon cancer survivor. It could be the polyp was missed because it was a flat polyp, or it developed quite recently.

I have a colonoscopy every three years because of my sister, and only the first one revealed a few polyps. If your wife's had become cancerous, it would have shown signs before the colitis exam.

Doctors are like all of us. Some are better than others.

The Mayo Clinic's website is the best I have found for answering all medical questions. Please have a look there, because I am not a doctor.

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