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 can someone have their eggs frozen after having gone second round of chemo in 3 years for breast cancer?

 Has anyone ever lost a parent to lung cancer?
I just found out my mother has lung cancer. Of coarse she has smoked since she was 16 and she is now 77. I can't believe this. I need my mom. I don't know how to get thru this....

 what is vitamin e main objective???

 how many types of cervical cancer are there?
I need to know how many types of cervical cancer there ...

 what is the cause of breast cancer in men?
hmm...do continuous and violent (like when you're in contact sports and they keep hurting your breast) contact of men's breast cause breast cancer?...

 my friend has lung cancer is in great pain although she is on pain releif meds. is the end near?
she also is on oxygen alot during the day and is very weak. she orginially had soft molecule sarcoma diagnosed in August. In december it metastasized to both lungs. Can anyone tell me what to expect ...

 Anyone who has had microcalcification cluster in mammogram?
My best friend had her first mammogram last week. They detected a cluster of microcalcification. I've researched it a little and keep reading that this is typically found to be malignant.

 where are they doing stem cell replacement for cancer patients?
huband stage 4 colon cancer that spresd to stoomach liver lungs chemo not ...

 I need help with my health home work what are short and long terms for smoking ciggarettes?

 What are the symptoms of Cancer in the Blood?
Someone told me my future girlfriend has cancer in her blood, what would the symptoms be :-(...

 My mother has recently been diagnost w/ breast cancer for a third time, HELP!!!?
I am sad and scared, i thought it was gone the first time, then i thought the same thing the second, but now the third! I am scared, what if it keeps coming back? That is a really scary thought. PLEA...

 I have cysts/lumps uner my skin.?
I have probably 10 lumps/cysts under my skin. the biggest on my right leg about half way down my quad is about the size of a quarter, and it feels as if it is split, or has a ridge down in , and that ...

 rere:lump in throat is it cancer?
im not refusing tx I take zantac, but they look at the readings and not the film and no one has called me back for me to even ask about my blood work !!! this is a contineous of ( lump in my ...

 a good friend was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. What are her chances of survival and how long do you
think she'll live....

 i am patient had a large mediastinal tumor,B symptoms as well as an arterial in her left A.brachiallis. please
A CT guided biopsy was performed and a diffuse large cell lymphoma (Bcell ) stage HB was diagnosed. a radiation oncologist treated her with 8 cycles of CHOP and radiotherapy. she achieved a partial ...

 Medical: Does urine have a strong odor when you have cancer(not yet diagnosed)?
I know about the ability of dogs being able to smell human breath and detect cancer before the doctors ...

 If you have or have had skin cancer?
Age when diagnosed?
What type?
Male or Female?
Skin Type?

(Just curious. Diagnosed w/ BCC, awaiting results on biopsy for melanoma. A...

 chronic myeloprolifeative disorders.What can you tell me about this disorders?

 Whats the youngest age you've heard of a woman getting cervical cancer?
I'm 24. I just had a colpscopy done to determine if I have pre-cancer or cancer cells in my cervix. I'm just kinda really scared right now...cause my results won't be in till Monday ...

 what are the chances of geting both ovarian and cervical cancer?
my grandmother had cervical cancer about 30 years ago, and was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. is it common to get both types of cancer?...

How long can someone live with cancer that is untreated?

Cancer is not one disease - it is many different diseases.

Some cancers are slow growing and you can live with them until you die of something else. Some will take you down quickly.

As a healthcare provider I can tell you it totally depends on what type of cancer it is, and if, and where it has metastasized to. And there is a past of the equation that only you can plug in the answer (you,spirituality, support,?)

Depends on what type, how far it has progressed, and what level it is at when diagnosed...

I firmly beleive that you will live longer if not told about it at all, than if you are told you have X amount of time left... People tend to give up with news like that...

Michael K
depends on the type of cancer...some types will not kill a person ..so they can live a long life...other types are terminal

It depends on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. It also depends on the person.
Some can live a long time, but others not very long.

It totally depends. I don't know how long mine lasted, but it went undetected and then physically i knew something was wrong. it's treated.

Many have cancer for decades before it spreads and causes other problems. It depends on the type of cancer and whether it has invaded organs.

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