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 how many cases and deaths are to to brain tumors each year?

 Are there any live support chats for family members of cancer fighters?
My aunt is fighting ovarian cancer right now, and I'm just wondering if there are any live chats that I can join to talk to other people in the same situation I'm in....

 what are the symtoms of bladder cancer?

 how much time?
My Grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Sunday. She was severly jaundiced (not sure if I spelled it right). She had surgery this afternoon, called a bypass,(not related to the heart ...

 Where is the link to turn my yahoo page pink for breast cancer.?

 What is servere dysplasia of the cervix?
I had a pap smear come back with the results of having abnormal cells to the cervix. Then about 3wks ago i had a cervical biopsy done and was told that i had servere dysplasia. That my cervical ...

 what can I expect from stomach cancer?
started as breast cancer and progressed to stomach,leg,bone,brain and liver cancer.Is there a successful treatment for this. that you are aware of....

 Is radiotherapy dangerous for family and friends?
Do cancer patients who recieve radiotherapy emit some kind of radiation? or something like that? Could it be dangerous for other people?...

 7 types of Amnesia?

 has anyone ever heard of an infection on the brain caused by trichuriasis?
my granda was first diagnosed with alzheimer's but further tests revieled she has an egg on her brain by those things?
please explain if possible, she is another country so I don't ...

 How likely is it cancer?
my mom went into take some test because the doctor thought she may have cancer and anyways she said they "found somthing on her lung"... if they find somthing, how much of a % chance is it ...

 Do lipticks have lead ..B'cos LEAD causes CANCER?
Also they say borewell water contain LEAD ..IS this true..Pls ...

 How to find cancer rates?
Does anyone know how you would go about finding out if the cancer rates in your area are abnormally high? Where would I go? What if I don't want to know if just ONE certain type is high where I ...

 What is PID Pelvic Inflamatory Disease?
I really need some good sites or information about PID...My bf and I were discussing it the other day when one of his client's called stated she was diagnosed with it.. and me and my bf had a ...

 ct scan ques?
CT shows slight thickening of the posterior wall of the stomach particulary in the region of the antrum. A mucosal lesion cannot be excluded.

Barium administered orally passes ...

 Is stage 1 cancer pain full?
Will you feel the pain when it is already too late?...

 i have an enlarged breast bone. what does that mean?

 Does anyone know about "Medical Tourism" for the "Whipple Procedure?" Looking mostly in India.
I'm looking for a very qualified surgeon (for my 56 year old father) that is very qualified to do the "Whipple Procedure" if needed. And is familiar with Pancreatic cancer.


 how do you know if your melanoma is coming back?
3months ago I had a 1mm depth melanoma removed from my back and the pathologist confirmed they got all of the borders. The healing has progressed normally and two weeks ago my dermatologist said I ...

 Is this Stoamach Cancer?
I was sufferring from stomach ache from past 1/2 yr, i guess it was gas trouble, i.e i would get stomach ache when i would eat some soda items, or when i drink too much of coffe, else it would b ...

How long can a terminal patient last without fluids?
Specifically, a terminally ill patient that cannot digest solid foods and has a PEG tube was getting 250cc of IV Fluids each day. Patient has begun to not tolerate this amount, now is down to maybe 200cc once every 3 days or so. Patient is drinking a lot of fluids, but I'm unsure how much is actually being absorbed. Patient also has only one functioning kidney.

Terminal illness is metastatic ovarian cancer with malignant bowel obstruction. Patient has lost roughly 25 pounds in a month and a half and is receiving no IV nutrition. Initial prognosis about a month and a half ago was days to weeks.

I'm looking for a rough estimate of time left, as well as an estimate as to how long until patient is comatose.

Remember the general rule of 3's: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

You need to measure her fluid output, as long as she's taking fluids and putting out she can go another two weeks to a month.

Waynes Angel
omg that is awful but i would say not to much longer if no food or nutrition is being given i will pray for a quiet death good luck

i was told by hospice that once a patient quits taken in fluids its usally a couple of weeks or so.....

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