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 how lie detection works?
more expanation ...

 spinal cord tumor?
i feel tired and low energy after my spinal cord surgery .i had tumor in my spinal cord(ependymoma grade2) what can i do?...

 I am looking for any information about a stem cell treatment clinic across the border near yuma az?
I knew a lady that went into mexico near yuma az to recieve treatment for emphysema I have misplaced the information can anyone help me find the name of the dr or clinic?...

 Hard, Lump on Edge of Clavicle Near Center of Chest?
About three weeks ago, I noticed a hard, round, lump near the center of my chest where the clavicle meets the sternum. It's about 2cm+ in diameter, has a smooth surface, seems to be oval in ...

 how old do you have to be to donate organs to a cancer patient?
can you be any age? as in zero to three? this is very serious....

 Have CLL. When does it become life threatening?

 need healthy foods/husband/bladder cancer?
Husband being treated with chemo and radiation. Needs moire protein pwyss1@verizon....

 What kind of cancer makes you sensitive to light in your eyes?

 does anybody have or had hpv?

 Can chemotherapy reverse a small bowel obstruction?
This is what her doctors are saying could happen. She has Stage 3 ovarian cancer and has had 2 chemos so far but still has the bowel obstruction...should this reverse it? What other options might ...

 What are common methods of performing Euthanasia? Can it be in any way unpleasant for the patient?

 out of 10 persons how many people that die in lung cancer?

 will somebody explain what Stage 2 liver cancer is and what a person goes through if he/she refuses treatment?
someone i care for deeply has this illness and i just want to know what to expect. They have gone throught treatment before and since their kids are grown they see no reason to go through this stuff ...

 My friend has stage iv liver cancer. What can I expect in the last days? How can I help him most?
Should I bring him home to die, leave him in the hospital or put him in a nursing home? Can I care for him at home?...

 What can be done to obtain funding for ovarian cancer ?

 i have swollen lymph nodes and headache for a few months now.?
The headache is constant, annoying, gets better with 2-3 advils and my neck sometimes is swollen on one side and feels full, lymph nodes don't hurt but are swollen. Dr. gave me antibiotics and ...

 I want to find out about Breast Cancer?

 is stomach cancer terminal if not caught early enough?

 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (only answer if you know)?
An 8 year old boy has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). What info from his CBC show that he has (ALL).

hematocrit = 36%
hemoglobin = 8 g/dL
RBC count = 2.5 x 10 to the sixth ...

My grandfather was disgnosed with esophogeal cancer on May 6th of this year. The doctors gave him 3-6 months to live. At first he was unable to eat or talk and had to have a tube feeding. I am ...

How do you find out how good a doctor is? Is there a rating system?

You just have to get laid with hem, thats the only way out.

I check with my insurance company and ask my friends if they have heard of the doctor I am wanting to see, or get recommendations from the friends and insurance company. Depending on if I am looking for one or already have one I want to check on.

you can check the board of medical examiners if the doctor is an MD for your state. That will tell you if there are any complaints, investigations, or other problems in his/her license. Just do a web search for " 'state' (your state) board of medical examiners". For instance if you did a search for Arizona board of medical examiners you would find azmd.gov

Buzz s
Check with people who go to him. If he has been in business in the city for over 10 years and hasn't closed his practice, be suspicious about the abilities of the man.

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