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 i have stage 4 cancer in my prostate and hip what ca be done?

 Does having the Laptop on your knee carry a risk of testicular cancer?

 Is it true that each time you take the flu shot, your chance of getting cancer DOUBLES?
I have had the flu shot 3 times in my lifetime, does this mean that I now 800% more likely to get cancer?...

 Does Microbiology include researches for treating cancer?
I want to knw bcz I might study it and I'd want to study cancer cells......

 Worried about mum as she had an issue with her colon?
A year and a half ago my mum was diagnosed with an early stage colon cancer.. They cut off the growth and since then she has been going for her follow ups. So far whenever she went for her blood test ...

 What are the dangers of breast cancer?

 How to avoid cancer??????

 Tips for internal hemorrhoids treatment ?

 cancer testing question?
i went to doctors yesterday has i have a lump on my neck which has grown the doctor is sending me for a scan to make sure it is not cancer has my sister has had it twice in to years he is also ...

 I have a strange lump in my jaw?
I noticed a lump on the right side of jaw, right under and a little behind my earlobe. I first found it about a month ago, but it seems to have gotten bigger since then. It doesn't hurt, and it ...

 How can i open my pineal gland? PLEASE HELPPPP!!!?
I have recently started meditating. and after three days I seem to have a feeling as if neurons are sparking off in my brain or as if my brain is growing/expanding. Sometimes I can feel my heartbeat ...

 Lymphs on back of leg swollen?
Soooo...recently my legs have been having this great deal of pressure feeling...they're cold and sometimes my toes go numb. This last for hours sometime and flares when I sit or lay down. Y...

 If i have moles, does it mean i could have skin cancer?
I was watching this programme on tv today and this girl went to the doctor for a check up and she had a few moles here and there and the doctor discovered that one of them was cancerous and she had ...

 Really depressed and worried about smoking...?
I need some advice. I am 14 years old and i smoked cigarettes (about 3 a day) from Oct-Dec 2010 and i managed to stop smoking those 3 every day. Any way about the end of December (so a month later) i ...

 I think I'm starting to get paranoid about lung cancer?
I have a cough that started this morning, an can taste blood at the back of my throat. My chest hurts when I press on it. I get easily fatigued for no specific reason (though this is most likely a ...

 Does any one have any good spot treatments that are cheap??? :(?
I have quite a lots of spots on my face, they are not that red. I sometimes get spots with yellow stuff on the surface. I have loads of blackheads on my nose and chin. I have quite oily skin( if I ...

 I m not a chainsmoker, but i m smoker, i want to leve it, can u help me, it anyway come in my mind and i smoke?

 Is there an actual cure for every cancer known to man?

 Confused about blood test?
Ive been having some problems over the last few weeks/months
headaches everyday, joint pain, colds that i cant fight off, tiredness, swollen glands/lymphnodes
so i went to my doctor and he ...

 can breast cancer go un noticed for one's whole life until they are dead?
like could someone who has breast cancer not know and die from it then it shows up on the autopsy?
what are the symptoms of breast cancer?...

How can you tell if someone is faking cancer?
I know someone who's lied on more than one occasion about substantial medical issues to get attention. In fact, it's her specialty. Now I think she's lying about having cancer. Too many holes in the story. Is there a surefire way to catch someone who's lying about cancer? If this person really does have it, then she needs support. If she doesn't have it, she REALLY needs some psychiatric help.

John Doe
Take to chemotheropy and if they die in it they're faking since they won't have the will to live.

Offer to go with her to her chemo treatments...if she refuses..there's you're answer.

Dr.dhananjaya Bhupathi
it is prudent just to take it easy; unless and until U r affected directly or indirectly..

Dr James
No visible symptoms, and no signs of any surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.

Ask her what the specific type of cancer is, and how she is being treated. If she is having 'chemotherapy', ask to accompany her to a session. Ask her when she's having 'surgery'. Ask her what the name of her oncologist is. Ask her which hospital or clinic she is being treated at. If you notice any obvious holes in her responses, then she does not have cancer, and is truly a horrible person.

Drawing reference to her past history of deceit may also help to expose her lies.

Tell them they have lied so much in the past that you don’t believe them and don’t want to hear about it until they prove they are telling the truth.

How does this concern you?

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