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 how can you get bladder cancer if your bladder always flushing it self?
it just a sac that like a bag when it gets pressure it lets go. so how can you get cancer if everything gets flushed out?...

 My neighbor has a stomach tumor & he is getting chemo, does this mean he has cancer?
I know nothing about medical things so this might be obvious. So please understand I don't know what a tumor is except a growth of some kind.....I am wondering if this is serious or something ...

 how does Chemo make you feel? how sick?
hi. im 13, and my name is Jessie. my 12 year-old friend has bone cancer and started Chemo last Monday. so this is her second week on Chemo. she said that she feels fine during it, until the 3rd day, ...

 Have you struggled to pay your fuel bills as a result of living with cancer?
Has cancer treatment made you or anyone you live with feel the cold more and need to put up the heating? Following a diagnosis of cancer, people tell us they have higher heating needs because they...

 When parents have a child that is dying from cancer...and they keep going?
to church and praying for some type of remission.....BUT THEN THE CHILD DIES..Why did God NOT answer their prayers???...I mean they have suffered a lot...one of the worst painful experience as a ...

 What are the personality of cancer according to the zodiac sign?
I am a cancer i was just wondering what horoscope
says about my personality....

 What exactly is cancer?
Its it a bacteria, a virus, or is it even a living thing? Also, how does it get in your body?...

 When it becomes necessary to remove breast when a woman is having breast cancer...?
Because in many breast cancer breast is not removed ....

 My sister is getting attention for cancer!!?
Its thyroid cancer...

shes 14

shes getting it removed
my mom babys her & I have to pay for it
do her work ect.....
its not even that big of a deal as cancer!!!...

 Can black people get skin cancer from sun?

 Can this be cancer osteosarcoma?
I'm 14 and female. I've had chronic knee pain (in left knee) for a long time. The pain is usually on the whole left leg but centralized in the knee.however, this past week, it has ...

 tongue cancer is real.?
i had surgery on feb.1 for tongue cancer. they cut out part my tongue.on feb. 15th. they will do the same surgery only this time they will also go into the throat and get the cancerous lympt nodes. ...

 what do you think about the cervical cancer vaccination?
Im thinking about getting the cervical cancer vaccine but im worried that it could be worse then not getting it? iv heard that it can cause cancer rather then prevent it? anyone know anything about ...

 Have you witness a cancer patient's last dying days ? What does she experience.?
I have breast cancer....

 is it true that if your foot is bigger than your head, you have cancer?

 How long is the recovery time after a mastectomy? a mastectomy?
My aunt had her mastectomy a week and a half ago and I was told she still hasn't really started moving around a lot. She has been sleeping in her reclining chair and has only gotten out of it to ...

 to support cancer i want to cut off my hair.?
do i have to cut all of it off like shave my head? i really want to do this....

 I just started chemo and my mouth hurts!?
I had started chemo last Thursday and today and yesterday my mouth, it feels like its burning or it's sore! I had seen the dentist a few days before I started and they said I was good to go. I ...

 Why aren't patients shielded when they are receiving radation therapy?
My friend (who is 28) is getting radiation therapy for Hodgkin's disease, early Stage IIA, involving lymph nodes in the neck and the middle of the chest. I know that dentists routinely make ...

 What does breast cancer lump feel like?
I very recently noticed a small hard round ball like lump in my breast and it concerned me. I'm only eighteen if age makes any difference. Any reassurance? Or concerns??...

How ca you tell if you have cancer or a tumor in your head/brain?
im very curious i have this sharp pain in the back of my head for the past few days i don't know if it could be connected what are the symptoms

you probably get major headaches?

see a doctor

The doctor can.

Evil Anglo-Irish Devonian
You cannot tell, only through a scan can you tell


Nausia etc

Depends on what kind of pain you are having and where. Could be nothing more than a pinched nerve.

Brain tumor symptoms include, but are not limited to:

1) Severe headaches, usually coming out of nowhere and causing great distress.

2) Blurred vision

3) Nausea or vomiting

4) Cognitive issues (memory, mood swings, etc.)

5) Balance problems

6) Spasms or seizures

The only way to tell for sure is to see your doctor. If they feel it is necessary, they will recommend a CT Scan and/or an MRI. That is the only way to know for sure.

You start failing at usually simple task like misspelling the word. "Can"

Headaches happen for uncountable reasons, and 99.999999999% of them have nothing to do with tumors.

Do the stuff you're supposed to do for headaches first, and then if it doesn't work go to the doctor.

see a doctor because there are a number of things that can be causing the problem : allergies, a concussion, a hangover just about anything so i definitely suggest going to a doctor.

The Cookie Monster
If youre really worried see a specialist as soon as possible.

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