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 poll: to do chemo therapy or not?
if you were 16 and had just been diagnosed with cancer and the doc said you have 1yr to live unless you try chemo which MIGHT save you would you rather not have the chemo and spend the last yr of ...

 i want to find a cure for cancer more than anything in the world, but......?
i always wanted to be a doctor and help people but for many reasons i don't want to mention i COULD'NT and i'm studying to be a clinical nutritionist ( i don't regret that i ...

 Does Scanning your face with a computer scanner cause Cancer?
My daughter scanned her face with a computer scanner, and about 2 days later, her skin was very dry, after a week it got extremely swollen. She stayed in the hospital for about a week, then got out ...

 My mom has cancer in breast. HELP PLZ!?
Hey ok so we knew for a couple weeks that my mom had "something" a little smaller than a pea inside her breast but doctors didn't know what it was. She had a biopsy and we found out ...

 throat cancer signs?
what are the symptoms of throat cancer and how does it vary from a sore throat/allergies. i went to the otolaryngologist today (ears nose and throat doctor) and he looked at my throat and said he ...

 Is it possible for early signs of brain cancer to affect attitude, rage, and social behavior?
I am usually the one answering questions like this, but in this case, I am in search of the answer. My mother is 40 yrs old and has terminal cancer. It has spread from her breast to her lungs, then ...

 HELP. what the %$#&@ is wrong with me?
i am 31 year old married woman. normally healthy. for the last 2-3 months, been having strange symptoms. swollen nodes in neck and one in armpit, they kinda hurt at times. kinda off balance feeling, ...

 HELP! Question about leukemia?
How long does it take usually after someone is diagnosed to do a stem cell transplant?...

 What are the differences between brain tumor and brain cancer?

 Lump in my breast. Appt with Dr on Thursday and I am a little nervous.?
Hi there. I have a tiny lump in my right breast...about the size of pea..maybe a little bigger. Its very hard, like a little pebble but it isn't sore. Do any of you have experience with this. ...

 Help? Brain Cancer??????
my grandmother has been fighting cancer for about 5 years. she had breast cancer and she's been taking chemotherapy. last friday she was diagnosed with brain cancer. she has months to live. do ...

 everyone in my family smokes and no one died of lung cancer and i smoke is it likely for me to get lung cancer

 Interesting survey on "what" causes cancer? I'd say it's a bit confusing!?

 whats the chances of surviving lung cancer?
ino this girl from the uk that has lung cancer, she is only 17 taday is her birthday :( i want ta know wil she live?? nd what are the chances that she wil die?? shes the love of my life, i dont want ...

 can you get cancer going tanning once?

 why does god cure cancer?
why would god cure cancer and other diseases and but wont cure people with downsyndrome or amputees?...

 does sleeping with a bra on cause breast cancer?
ok so i slept over at one of my friends house one night and we were getting into our pjs and i kept my bra on and she took hers off and told me that sleeping with a bra on caused breast cancer. is ...

 Could this be a cure for cancer?
First of all, this is just a raw determination. Nobody mock me for this because I'm only 12....but: Would it be possible to create a virus in a lab or control a virus so that it would attack a ...

 I've been told that I am CANCER FREE now :) Next steps?
I first would like to thank those of you who have answered tons of questions I've asked in a panicked state...about my cervical cancer, chemo and radiation... I just received a phone call ...

 when in contact with a patient with lung cancer is it contagious?

Does chemo make you have mood swings?

The chemo itself did not cause me to have mood swings. For me it was mostly the stress of having cancer.

Yes. It makes you feel awful. When people are in such discomfort, it puts you in a bad mood. Then you feel bad for being mean to the people who are helping you out, so you may try to be nicer or just feel depressed. Plus you're on so many meds, and that messes with your personality too.

it makes everything swing. :)

The chemo messes with your hormones, so yeah

Yes - I have to take chemo every night! (I have CML). Sometimes I get down or crabby. I never feel like eating anymore, am always cold, have trouble sleeping through the night. So if you have those reactions too, you are not alone. Good luck to you.

It makes me kind of out of it, loss of appetite, quiet....but that's only initially..i usually feel fine a few days later.

Felicia S
ya usualy it makes you more emotional but every one is different

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