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 I probably sound like a total moron for asking this, but...?
Why can't a cancer patient get a transfer organ to get rid of the tumor? If they get a replacement, the tumor wouldn't grow back, would it?...

 How does the sun cause skin cancer?
I know that the sun causes skin cancer, but exactly how does it do it? What is the process of the sun causing the cancer to form or develop? I was just curious. Thanks!...

 Absolute the best cancer cure is a snail?
I found recently in a book that breast cancer cure can be a snail meal? I also heard that someone ate it and it helped. Now, some claim it only help some type of people but this person who ate it ...

 One difference between a B-lymphocyte and a T-lymphocyte..?
One difference in function......

 Can beer help or hurt colon cancer?
Seriously, I have a friend, diagnosed with colon cancer over a year ago. He is 62, has had chemo, surgery, radiation, but still continues to drink beer, several cans daily. Do you think he is ...

 i have bruises on my body i dont know where they came from. Is possible that i have cancer?
I have had bruises appear on my body without me causing it....

 does anyone know about life insurance?
how does it work?i want to take a policy out on my brother in-law,but hes not in the best of health...will the ins. co wanna check him first?or whats the best way to go about this?...

 How can I soothe her mind about it?
My wife has so many worries and concerns. She tries not to show them because she knows they upset me. She tries her best to treat me to same since going through chemo.

She's a ...

 Are Marlboro Ultra Lights worse for you than regular Lights?
My friend is a smoker, and she recently switched to Lights, she started coughing more and feels like its stronger....

 seeing white lights when i stand?
Allright well its been happening for a while now, whenever i stand up i see basically white for a few moments, sometimes worse than other times, and then i snap out if it,,,,also lately i believe my ...

 How do I ask how cancer patient is doing?
I found out that a very sweet person in town is getting treatment for cancer. How do I ask this person and her husband how she is doing? I'm always at a loss for words. I usually ask "how ...

 How come people in the old days never died of cancer?
I know this sounds strange, but why not? Like, now-a-days you always hear of people dying of cancer. But when you read about people who died in the 1800's, you never hear of them dying of cancer....

 Cancer survivors, what would you show me if I asked you to "Show me your hope"?

 Can a 37 year old woman who has been in remission from breast cancer for three years still have children?

 end stage kidney recovery?
last year my son was diagnosed with end stage kidney and was on dialysis for almost a year. Now they are telling him his kidney is fine. He has swelling in legs and trouble breathing. Is this normal ...

 pelvic mass and cyst 4 months after childbirth, also elevated ca-125?
i am 24 years old and just had my first child 4 months ago. ever since i had him i have been having on and off pain while urinating and it has been super sensitive in my pelvic area. i recently had ...

 What is the chance someone will survive secondary bone cancer?
A friend found out she has bone cancer but docs cant find the primary cancer ...

 Is cancer really curable?
I had breast cancer last year when i was 26 and now i am cancer free. Although i am cancer free now i feel that it does not mean anything. I feel that i am going to die from it in the next few ...

 idk...help ? (smoking...)?
ok, i was with my friends the other day. all my friends are all older than me, ones 15,14 then ones 5 days older. the 15 year old smokes and he asked if i wanted to try. so i did. I no it was a ...

 Generally, how early does colorectal cancer cause anemia?
And how often does it even cause anemia?...

Do tumors hurt when you touch them?
for example...breast tumors.....(malign or beningn).....I have a lump in my belly (pea size) and it hurts when I touch it so I want to know if that might be a tumor.....or a cyst

run to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well the most common cases are cysts or maybe even a pimple. but in worst case scenario it could be canerous. maybe go get it checked out? or give it time to go away...?

check webmd.com

Tumors actually usually don't hurt, but you need to get it checked out anyway. It could be something else that may need treatment, such as an infection.

Tumors can hurt. Benign growths can hurt.

Might as well get it checked out. If it's nothing, you don't have to worry about it. If it's something, then you've done the right thing to have it checked early. Win-win.

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