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 Does Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY in deodorants cause cancer?

 i have cancer inside my bones ? is it possible to treatment ? i have 10 months left, please help me.?
its urgent , pls help me....

 if you just started chewing tabbaco can you get oral cancer right away or does it take time?

 Does anyone know the symptoms of colon cancers?
symptoms of colon ...

 Cost of treating cancer at later stages and cost of preventing it?
Can someone give me more or less a value each for both for easy comparison...
It can be on any kind of cancer.
Please state the website you got it from to if you got it online. thanks!...

 Is it possible to live for 3years with testicular cancer if you havnt seen a doctor about it?
I know that you can live for many years while cancer is being treated but if you have testicular cancer and never seen anyone about it then would it be possible to live for 3years with it, without ...

 5 year survival rate? Ovarian Cancer?
Does that mean they will only live 5 more yearS? What does this mean> P...

 What could this be? And was he wrong for saying something?
Brief info so that you are not lost.. I am a 20 year old Type 1 Diabetic, and throughout the middle of this year I experienced excessive sweating. I put it off as my hormones, because I had a baby in ...

 Friend just found out she has Ovarian Cancer, INFO Please?
She won't know more about it until next week. IF I give you someinfo can you maybe help see where she stands?

She's 59, she has had hard time breathing for 6 months, just found ...

 what is the cause of both a distended common bile duct and pancreatic duct?
Is it possibly due to the removal of the gall bladder? Could that effect it?...

 Lump on the eyeball, what could it be?
My dad has a white lump on his eyeball.

His symptoms are blurred vision, headaches & dizziness.

What could this be?? He thinks he has cancer?? Could it be serious??...

 what deodorant cause cancer?
what deodorant causes cancer?...

 how can someone that lives in the uk get too new york seeming how his wife has cancer?
i have a freind that was just told she has cancer and her husband lives in manchester england and i need to get him here asap to be with his wife and family please help me get him home ...

 At What age Can you have Breast Cancer?
Just wondering. Thanks if you give me an answer... I appreciate it....

 I have two moles on my back and I just noticed them?
My cousin has had to have moles removed and so has my mom, I showed her and she's going to take me to the doctor, but for the meantime, Does anyone know if two small moles are harmful, like I ...

 What cancer do we have the least knowledge about?

 Can febrile seizures cause permanent brain damage or be fatal?
My baby had a febrile seizure and I wonder what % of febrile seizures are fatal and also what % end up resulting in permanent brain damage?...

 My best friend just told me she has cancer?
We are both widows - her husband died of cancer 2 years ago, and apparently her daughter has now literally crumbled on her.
I am deeply shocked and I did not handle it well - I just acted as ...

 If no one in my family has ever gotten cancer should i worry less about getting it from chewing tobacco?
I know I should quit and that it increases my risk of cancer but does famliy history play a part at ...

 Blood transfusion will give you cancer in the future.....?
Serious answers from medical experts only please

I have been doing some research on blood transfusions lately as some one very close to me recently had one done for iron deficiency anemia. ...

Can you live without intestines?
I have a friend who had to have both large and small intestine removed due to cancer. Can he live without them both?

Gabe Forre
Well obviously if the doctor took them out he can survive without them

NO.Everyone poops.

Danielle M
Wow!!! Not really, ur food goes through ur intestines to go out ur body. They r both the MAIN organs I. Ur body! It's hard to survive without them, idk how it's possible without them, strange. And srrry

You can live without your colon, because you get a bag instead. and you can live without the lower part of your small intestine. But your survival with no small intestine at all would be dependent on constant feeding through a tube directly through the abdominal wall. There is not a lot of hope in that situation.

what the hell is that question? You need your intestines to take in your nutritent and to output your waste. Haven't you read the book "everybody poop". Living without intestines is like living without food. there I said it

i would think they would have a bag inserted..no you need small intestines


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