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 how do i find the cure for cancer and aids?
meaning what do i study as a graduate program ... and i know the 2 are different i do know theres is many types of different cancers. howevers im looking for answers like what im suppose to study. i ...

 Tattoo ideas for my grandpa who died of cancer.?
My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer for the first time when i was nine years old he went through many treatments and fought very hard. The cancer went into remission and when i was sixteen it showed ...

 has anyone you known had/has cancer?
im doing a school project called relay for life where u walk the track and raise money. but donations are always welcome. even 5 dollars makes a big difference. thank you and have a nice day. http://...

 Will you give me a million dollars so that I can cure cancer?

 Lump found beside right breast not underarm?
Its right beside the right breast,same spot as where your bra band would hit. not the underarm. the edge of the lump does touch the breast. I can kinda move it ie push it up down side to side ...

 will i get addicted to these?
ok so i recently found an unopened pack of marlboro cigarettes at the mall. i like to smoke black and milds but every so often like a pack every 2 or 3 months..now my question is will get get ...

 why is there a lump in the thumb of my right (writing) hand?
last month I was in social studies class and I noticed something strange on my right thumb. It wasnt visible to the human eye but whenever I write I feel this lump under my skin and its about the ...

 Are Swollen Lymph Nodes Dangerous?
I have had a swollen lymph node behind my right ear for about two years now....is this dangerous or abnormal? should i be worried? its hasnt grown since i found it and it is pea sized. Its ...

 if you find a lump in the breast.is it cancer?

 my mom is getting surgery for her breast cancer. i have a few questions.?
my questions are: 1. how can you even get breast cancer in the first place? 2. can it pass on? meaning, can your children get it from you? 3. after you get the surgery can the cancer spread to ...

 Is someone who already had cancer more prone to get it again?
If somebody had cancer, but they've been in the clear for it reoccurring, are they still prone to other cancers? Is it easy to get that type of cancer again? Also, when it comes to machines ...

 what kind of cancer that patrick swayze had?

 does any one know wat cancer treatments like?
does any one know wat cancer treatment(raiation) is like my friend is going threw and i want to understand so i can be there for ...

 What is the odd's of this being cancer?
Swollen lymph node, a little painful. Had strep throat about 3 weeks ago and now getting over a week long cold like sickness. Being that swollen nodes can be common with strep and colds, what are the ...

 My dad has lung cancer and diabetes, he can't sleep at night, can he take sleeping pills? ?

 where is your appendix?

 colon cancer chemotherapy question... Doctors only please!!!!?
Ok so 4 months ago my mum found blood in her stool, so she went to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed the case as colon cancer in stage 3 on the descending colon. They did the surgery and removed 30cm ...

 blood in urine. Do i have prostate cancer?
I am 31 years Male. I never smoked. No body in my family have any history of cancer. I had fever last Saturday and went to see my doc and he did blood test and urine test. He called me after 2 hrs ...

 Why do some elders never get cancers?

 I need some advice for my sister or quite possibly an answer? (Leukemia)?
Okay. Apparently, my half sister called my mother this morning and told her that she had Leukemia. She said she found this out after trying to donate plasma so she could make some money to get her ...

Can microwaves give you cancer?
There was a person that told me that microaves are so bad and that they give you cancer... I dont agree with this.. but I just want some input here please....

Well the reason people say this is because they give off radiation, but the thing in front of the microwave (the door) acts as a barrier.

Microwaves are completely safe. Don't worry about cancer. To test that you're microwave is safe, just stick you're head in, shut the door as far as it will go, and click the "5 min" button. No, not really. Microwaves emit a very low level of radiation, but it is still radiation. If you are undergoing kemo, or somehow absorbing a high level of radiation, then the microwaves can add to you're radiation intake. This could contribute to having the risk of getting cancer, but it is a small possibility. Just stand far away from it and you will be fine :)

microwaves emit little radiation, too little for you to get cancer. But it can add up to other radiation you get. Other medical facilities now avoid using x-rays because it can also add up to the radiation we get. The ground also emit very little radiation.

yes...if you sit in front of them for hours at a time while its heating something up...like...coninuously working. but other than that no. the radioactivity mutates your cells...but it takes a lot

Yes, microwaves have small tiny waves of heat that can damage you if you consistently stand in front of it while it is on. Stay at least 10 feet away when its on

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