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 im twelve and ive been smoking for a year. what are my odds of getting lung cancer before i turn 30?
I have been smoking for about 9 months to a year. i only smoke around 5 times a week. not a lot, lol, but some weeks i might smoke 13 times, another week once or twice. What im really wondering is ...

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 why does breast cancer get more attention?
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 I found a large, HARD lump in breast. Had a mammogram and ultrasound.?
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 Cervical cancer jab, :(?
Im so scared, im only 13 my first jab, i really don't want to get it, please tell me if it hurts alot or not alot. I hate pain, please give me some adive! :(
Thank you, :'(...

 Why does surgical removal of a lung not stop lung cancer?

 late diagnosis for cancer. now my mother is dying. Can I sue?
The history is quite long sorry this will probably be a long explaination.
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 What to expect after my mom has her first round of chemo they are hitting her hard with the first dose?
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 How long to perform a mammogram?

 My grandpa has Prostate Cancer?
i was just told that my grandpa has prostate cancer and is getting radiation therapy. i dont know anything about prostate cancer or how deadly it is. my grandpa is very healthy and in great shape. ...

 auntie death, how to get over?
6 months ago on my birthday in February, my auntie died. she died of leukemia, she spent 6 months in hospital and i only visited her twice. but i spend at least 3 hours every week just crying about ...

 Do I have breast cancer? I have a small hard spot on my right breast?
I'm really worried because my mom had cancer. I haven't had kids yet I''m pretty young, but idk?
Should I try to go the doctor about it?...

Koichi Kitamura
Can heavy smoking for 1 year give you lung cancer(squamous cell lung cancer)?

yes. everyone is different. some people die fast some people might not get cancer at all from smoking

Yes. But there's no certainty in anything.

Mandi b
Sure, genetics can give you lung cancer, chemicals can give you lung cancer, the smog you breath in can give you lung cancer. You know the surgeon generals warns that smoking can cause lung cancer, yet he fails to recognize that thousands of non smokers get lung cancer every year.

Anyways, if you're worried about it, go to the doctor.

People can get lung cancer w/o ever having smoked. Your chances are more if you smoke, less if you don't, but you can still get it.

Some people can smoke once and get cancer. Some people can chain smoke for thirty years and have healthy lungs. But those are the outliers. But the answer is yes, it CAN.

A general rule to follow is don't smoke, the more you smoke the more likely you are to
A: Have cancer,
B: Have worse and worse and worse cancer.

People who have never smoked may get lung cancer. So for sure, smoking heavily (even if it's just for a year) can give you lung cancer (or another disease because lung cancer is not the only disease associated to smokers).

On the other hand, they are other factors that come to hand such as how long have you smoked, your genetic, your health, your age, etc.

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