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 Do you think this many supplements will have a negative effect on my liver?
Daily, I am taking:
Vitamin B12- 5000 mcg
Vitamin D3- 2000 IU
Biotin- 3000 mcg
Kelp (With Iodine)- 225 mcg
Cayenne Fruit Capsules- 120,000 STU
As well as a children'...

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 Sinusitis, Arthritis?
anyone know of any home remedies for these? Im sick of being on medication daily!!! to help prevent these and or cure ...

 Is it true that tea helps you to sleep? what about milk? What liquids help you to sleep?

 constipation: should I stop eating?
after my 5th day of... not going... I'm starting to think that maybe I should just stop eating. All that food building up inside cannot be good for me (even though I have 4 fiber supplements a ...

 What's the best solution for a migraine besides medicine?

jeffery c
will using a hair relaxer pass my drug test?

As far as I know,a hair relaxer is a used for perming hair, do you want a death sentence? I've heard, they sell stuff to clear the system of drugs, but I don't know where you buy it. Go on line & check methods, or products, for removing drugs from your system.

smelly pete
It stays in your hair. It's in your hair stems, not on your hair. If it's a good drug test the only solution is to not have the hair that you were growing when you were smoking... go get a haircut!

dont do drugs

Not doing drugs will pass your test.


No, it won't.

well you could just shave your whole body!! LOL not having any hair to test would definitely pass your drug test!

sorry friend, think your scr*wed

No, if you do drugs a hair follicle test will show any drug, how much you used and when it was used in the passed 7 years.

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