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 You're the team on House M.D.: Depression, Exhaustion, PCOS, Obesity, PLMD, Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia. Go!?
All symptoms were preceded by prolonged exposure to stress.

My doctors are sending me in circles. Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Rheumatologist.


Charlie Tpimping
whats a list of pills that get you high?
does anybody know a lot of different pills that get you high ?

Laura baby <3
dude, i want you to know that you should not be asking this on the internet. i answered your question truthfully the first time and it was a good answer. but it got deleted and my other account got suspended!

j cat ♥❣¸¸.•´´❀¯`•• .¸¸❣♥ قطة j
Why would you want to do that. They do not work as you think, they mess with your neurochemistry as well as giving physiological and psychological dependence. Once your neurochemistry is messed up you may be on a road to mental illness or worse.

Either get some counselling if there is some reason you are feeling low, or better still read some spiritual books, so take a spiritual journey. Start anywhere you like and see it as a journey. Sufi Islamic books are a good place to start.

You can try lemon balm tea to try and perk up your mood.

Best wishes.

I like the idea of taking super vitamins and keeping a close eye on my upward growth.

Try getting some counseling.

its good to know, but i'm warning you that these "pills" are no joke, try them if you want but my good friend almost died taking these, and they are meant to help dying people, so expect the high to feel very groggy and sh*tty, not a fun high like weed.

I do...

Prescription narcotic painkillers. like vicodin.

anti- anxiety pills.. like xanax, and valium.

Adhd and ADD pills like... adderall and ritalin.

muscle relaxers like, soma

illegal made pills like extacy.

Over the counter cough pills like triple C's.

I went to high school probably 10% of the students took them.

Oh sorry... pills can't get you high. I was lying. don't ever do pills. Go to rehab you fiend. This dude I know did xanax once and he took a nap in math class... it was a damn shame he missed scientific notation .

Lady Grinning Soul
I cannot believe that anyone would tell you this. Do people realize that minors read this stuff. The pills that are listed can hurt or even kill you. If you have a issue with your heart that has never been diagnosed, you're heart could stop. Taking these without medical supervision can make you fall asleep. While you are sleeping you may vomit and inhale it into your lungs. This is the type of thing that killed Jimi Hendrix. Believe me, many people including some with a great deal of drug taking experience have died from these. Just because you have taken them abusively one time and were ok, does not mean the next time will be fine.

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