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what are some home remedies for flash burn (welder)?
My boyfriend welds and has flash burn in his eyes, what is a home remedy he can do?

I've heard of some, what works?
-tea bags on eyes
-egg whites in eyes

Amit K
Found this article for - Home Cure for Flash Burns

Flash burn is a burning sensation in your eyes that is mainly caused by excess of exposure to sunlight. This burning effect causes painful inflammation in the cornea and results in a severe burning sensation. This is the most common problem among welders because they are directly exposed to welding torch or direct heat throughout the day. This is because it is also known as welder's flash or arc eye.

Ar~Rad An~Nisa
Peel a potato
dispose of peels
take potato and scrap potato with peeler/grater collecting the white of the potato one potato makes enough for both eyes.
Use sufficient quantity of it to fill the whole socket space
your making a poultice for the eyes.
apply to closed eyes and cover leave for hour to hour and half
repeat for 2-3 days
Then bathe off the eyes (when this is removed)rinse with a weak/diluted eye solution(not plain water) blot do not rub.
This has been used in my family for generations.

Next buy eye cover he will use.
Or make an eye appointment and let them tell him his future.

Don't laugh, i've been a welder for 25 years and I keep a potato in the fridge. When flashburn occurs i take the cold potato,chop in half & grate about a half a palmfull.
Close each eye one at a time hold head back and squeeze grated potato against eyelid letting the juice run into each eye. Its actually pretty amazing how well this works.

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