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 What is your anti drug?
My is alcohol ^_^...

 With the the US health care system in so much trouble is it time to go to Canada, Australia?
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I got the shot on tuesday, May 30...

ways to counteract sleeping pills?
ways to counter act them at home

Puppy Zwolle

Besides that, like with alcohol, if it is in your system it has got to be metabolized in your body and there is no real way to speed that up.

fixer of all aka mom
caffeine pills

Coffe and water.

I have been addicted to sleeping pills for about five years. I could not sleep without taking one. Later I became jumpy and nervous. I also lost my balance, and a lot of weight. I decided to stop. Here are tips that worked for me: Take a warm bath an hour before bedtime. Read some relaxing stories. Spray your favorite scent on your sheets and pillows. Drink a glass of hot milk and some biscuits. Clear your bedroom of work-related materials. Play your fave tunes, those relaxing ones, especially. Clear your mind of everyday hassles.You will be snoring in no time at all. This worked for me. I hope it works for you too. Good luck!

If you don't get at least eight hours of sleep after taking the directed dosage you will have memory loss...learned this from experience...years of experience. You can drink a ton of coffee or take an energy supplement but I don't suggest doing this regularly.

Pinky Patel
If you have taken sleeping pills then I suggest you better be in your bed for atleast 8 hours. But I suggest you should not take sleeping pills at all. One hour of brisk walking also works the same way as a sleeping pill might. I don't know whats ailing you but sleeping pills is not the solution. Find out why you are unable to sleep and get rid of the root of the problem.

Shirley B
Stop taking them, and take oatstraw tea.

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