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 Not sure if i took my medicine?
I have to take seroquel ever night from 6-7pm and i don't recall taking it, but even if i did and took another pill, altogether that would be 800mg (1 pill is 400mg) would that effect me in ...

 Is this safe? weird question, but I'm just wondering?
My step-dad is a mechanic & takes a lot of Ibuprofen. However, he'll stick his finger in the bottle of pills when he still has oil or grease on it & some of it gets on the other pills. I...

 Home remedies for a head cold?
My friend always covers up with a bunch of blankets at night and 'sweats away the toxins' is there any truth behind this? Any other advice for getting rid of a head cold especially sinus ...

 How long does it usually take to become immune to morphine pills? ?
Inother words I started off with 30mm, then 60mm, then 100mm and now 200mm how much should the next dosage be when the 200mm every 12 hours still allows pain to prevail....

 How toxic is clove oil?
I'm thinking about using it to cure something, but I have a bad rap sheet on overdoing things when getting frustrated. I don't want to off myself with clover oil....

 I wanna do acupuncture, what do you recommended for me?
Hi everybody. I have been injured for two years an half. and nobody can fix it. I have visited so many doctors. they didn't even know what is the basic problem. so I gave up for traditional ...

 Has anyone done the eat right 4 your type?
I thought it was really interesting.. how your blood type influence what foods are more beneficial and which ones can negatively affect you.

At first I was like.. wtf yeah right. But I am ...

 why do sleeping pills make you tired?
what does a sleeping pill do to your body that makes you sleepy?...

 What is your opinion on talking to your body into healing?
I just read an article about how you can talk your cells, glands, etc. in to healing... it sort of makes sense ; it talks about how your body is the physical housing for your soul , so you should be ...

 How Many Mg Of Nicotine Is In A...?
Chewing Tobacco

(please tell me how many mg is absorbed not how much is in the product)...

 Best over the counter sleep aid?
I have worked nights for the last year and can't get a normal sleep pattern. I need daylight, so if I don't work that night I am up during the day and TRY to sleep at night. Usually I fail.<...

 Will Methadone show up on a 5 panel drug test under opiates?
Because the court used a quick 5 panel drug test that you could pick up at any drug store. I have not been using but i do take methadone so i stay clean. Could that have ben why it came up that i had ...

 I have Tinnitus. My Dr. wants to treat me with meds but I prefer homeopathic - any suggestions?

 is it safe to take tylenol with clindamycin?

 How can i prevent my hangover?
Iv had quite a bit to drink tonight :)
And i really want to go to the gym tomorrow morning, well i need to seen as the amount of calories i must of had tonight. But i get really bad hangovers ...

 have you ever tripped off of benadryl?

 Can men take a fluconazole tablet that is 150 mg to cure a yeast infection and is it safe?

 What are some natural remedies for a sinus headache (frequent sinus headaches)?
My 15 year old sister gets bad sinus headaches like every other day!

What do you recommend??


 is it ilegal to crush and snort pro plus?

 Why does my eye change color based my mood?
i dont really know what my eye color is i checked my birth certificate and it said N/A
it was been like this all my life and it never bothers me
when im mad my eyes turns red
sad- ...

is it legal or ok to give melatonin to an 8 year old?
my b/fs ex-wife I just found out has been giving their 8 year old daughter it for sleep, I thought you couldn't with out a prescription and she is buying it over the counter, the child is now having mood swings and will not sleep with out it can anyone help me with my questions? thank you in advance

You can buy it at the grocery store and it isn't safe for children under 16. However, doctors say its ok to give children a form of liquid melatonin in a really tiny dose, a drop or two in their juice or milk, if they actually have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. There are a lot of selfish parents out there who give their children melatonin so they don't have to deal with them. If she is really having trouble sleeping, yes it's ok for her to take a small dose only when she cant sleep, but if she doesnt need it, her body will stop producing the healthy amount of Melatonin, which is a hormone we all make, and she will need it to sleep, which is an addiction.

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