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 Does anyone know where to find good daily affirmations? Or just any affirmations in general?

 I have a drug test (urine) coming up. The last time I smoked was about three months ago?
I need serious answers. I took two hits and didn't even get stoned. I need to know if I will pass the test....

i just wanted to post this for all the ppl that need help out there and no theropy is working. plz check it out. i think its the best one of all and i had visual proof that it worked.
this lady ...

 I need a homemade recipe for allergy free toilet deodoriser and freshener.?
Commercial products trigger ...

 the goodness of tongkat ali?

 Can someone recommend me an aroma that increases appetite.?
Its to put in the lobby of a restaurant (an aroma therapy machine). They sell several diferent oils and I was wondering if certain scents increase the appetite....

 what is the heartbeat increaser drug?

 Is there a medicine for children who diffuculty getting sleep in the night?

 How can you continue to reduce swelling AFTER the 48 hour ice pack regime?

 Anyone know a good source for iodine supplement that the FDA hasn't shut down yet?

 Employment Physical Fears!?
I will soon be receiving a job offer and I may need a Physical Exam. I'm kinda nervous...I haven't had one in 5 years. I will most likely go to my own docotor. I'm 22 years old, and I&#...

 what is the name of the safer product to inhibit the hungry?

 What foods are heat shock reducers? I know that green tea is one.?
This has to do with heat shock proteins and unfolded proteins in relation to motor neuron diseases....

 Has anyone ever used fish oil as an anti-depressant?
I have heard more than once that fish oil can be used as a supplement to help with anxiety and depression due to the omega-3 fatty acids. Is it as effective as medications such as paxil, zoloft, and ...

 Have you heard of Goji juice?
Is this just a passing fad? I see no side effects... this almost sounds too good to be true. Anyone used it or know more about it?...

 Anyone know about squalene?
does it cause fine muscle tremors?

'am taking it to help cope up with depression. but the tremors are starting to get annoying....

 what natural reliefers can i use with tachycardia ?
cant sleep bcoz of it :( i've been awake for 25 hours by ...

 Is there Really Something With the Virgin Coconut Oil??
Have you tried taking VCO? any improvements or changes?...

 Do you do accupressure on your face and where?
Were are the points..of the face for this...does it give it make your face tighter at all>...

 How can you quickly cleanse your system?
i have a friend who's boyfriend needs to take a urine test this weekend. what is a quick and pretty sure way to get the toxins (mary jane) out of his system? i've heard of drinking golden ...

if i take sure gel to pass a drug test how long do i need to take it before the test?

Probably till it's coming out your a s s.

Every thought about not doing the drugs?
Drugs are for losers, usually someone who is not man enough or has guts enough to face life head on.
Maybe someday you will grow up and learn to be a man.

Stingray said that.

Why don't you try not doing drugs for 60 days prior to taking your drug test, then you won't have to cheat the test? Drug tests are given for a reason. Be responsible!

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