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 Which Body Supplement is better? FinaFlex 550 XD or FinaFlex Ripped?
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 how to train leg muscles without any equipment?

Well I know the question is a bit dramatic, sorry. Well I`ve had flu for about 4 days now and this morning, when I woke up, my ear ached a lot (and is still aching as I`m writing this). So my ...

 Drank whole bottle of Scotts Emulsion Cod liver oil?
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 is there any cure for hyperhidrosis? (oversweating)?
i'm almost 20 years old . i never smoke cigarette in my whole life, i'm not fat, and i didn't do much sports either, but i already had this problem since in the middle school. i ...

 How long can I go without eating?
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 If I tripped on mushrooms, do I have to worry about them being poisonous?
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 Can you snort sleeping pills?
Has anyone here ever done this?

I've snorted allot of different pills, but never sleeping pills....

Like over the counter pills?

I also have Seroquel XR 400mg, ...

 Is it safe to drink two packets of Emergen-C in a row?
I'm coming down with a cold and drank two packets of Emergen-C within one hour.

The box recommends 2-4 packets per day, but is it safe to consume two in a short amount of time?

 How much weed does it take you to get HIGH?

 Can anyone help me with my nausea? Herbal treatments are preferred.?
I get nausea a lot and its starting to bother me. Like i get it really bad when we travel in the car and my mom and dad wont take me too the doctor. I know im not pregnant and i think its just motion ...

 What is the going street price for an Adderall?
My pills are 10mg and are not XR, so how much should i sell them for? Also i'm guessing most people will just buy two because 20mg is a more impactful amount, so how much should i sell 2 of them ...

 crohn's what can you tell me about it besides it's a bowel disease?
how i know, i have ...

 Cough,cold sore throat what will help ?
I feel really weak and tied. And my arms and neck is akin what mite help?...

 WEED: Joint or Light bulb Vaporizer?
Which is better (THC)??...

 How do I trick a thermometer?
If you seen the previos questions you no about the swimmers ear and the allergies, and the swelling. I can't go to school looking so awful! But I have to have a fever to stay out... And I'm ...

 Can you give me one study that shows that from drinking cow's milk WILL help build stong bones and muscles?
I can't find at least one study that directly says that. I can't find one study that says that milk increases calcium intake either. Also, I find not one study that says from eating dairy, ...

Jake Lor
how to get high at home things to smoke or eat or anything?
i heard that rosmary get you high biut is it true and wat other things can you do pleasse give me a real answer i dont care

Your Awesome
If you have a bottle of delsym cough syrup lying around your house be careful cause half a bottle of that will send you straight to purgatory that's why I quit drinking it and I was athiest.5/5

Or a lot of nutmeg eating it I think it'll make you very very sick from what I heard but it will also make you hallucinate. ?/5

If you have and dramamines which are motion sickness pills they make you feel like intensely relaxed and they make you hallucinate but they also make you feel very uncomfortable.3/5

Also there is a certain kind of morning glory that will make you trip really hard but that's as much as I know about it.?/5

If you take the cough syrup route make sure it doesn't contain and acetiminophin cause that will destroy your liver so read the active ingredients thoroughly if it contains guinifinosin I wouldn't worry about it.But be careful with that crap man cause it can take up to 4 hours to kick on and you won't have any self control for a good 8 to 12 hours.

Also k2 or k3 is a potpourri you can buy in head shops it just like weed but it's legal.
Also there is a certain kind of sea salt that's suppose to make you tweak but it seems dangerous to me so I wouldn't advise it without research.5/5

Remember what's safe for one person could kill someone else so be careful.Check erowid if you have any questions.

Since you said you want a real answer and that you don't care then here you go:

Either google it instead of putting this on yahoo answers because you're probably going to get some nasty responses from people who are sick of you idiots coming into alternative medicine looking to get high.

Or realize that if you're ingesting man-made products to get high (which is what you're likely to find around your house) then there are lasting consequences to what you do now.

You want some real advice? Scrape together some money and go buy some f*cking weed, loser.

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