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willie s
how to clean your system of marijuana using home remedies?

Realizeing the police moniter this site for words like this, and you will be arrested in a few minutes?

THC is stored in your fat cells so the thinner you are, the quicker your body will detox. If you need to pass a text you can make a cranberry tea (use several tea bags and brew it for half an hour) and drink about half an hour before a urine test.

Why is it that every one who asks this question appears to be an idiot? Don't you think it would have been wise to have a remedy BEFORE, BEFORE, you smoked the weed? Some concept, isn't it?

Diane H
FIRST OFF, WHOEVER SAID THE POLICE MONITOR FOR THESE QUESTIONS IS SADLY MISTAKING. And if they did, which they dont... You could say you were just curious for a friend, or you wanted to know how people did it. Secondly, i dont know the answer for I have never smoked weed but I hear from a reliable source that drinking tons of water before the test helps. Also, if you are not a regular weed smoker and if your last use was over 2 weeks ago you shouldnt worry at all. The more active and slender you are the quicker it will run through your body. I just heard this from a friend, but I hope it helps.

well, stop smoking first. and try fenugreek seeds or capsules, fenugreek will speed up the process of getting any bad thing from your body as fenugreek acts as a cleansing and detox at the same time.
remember, stop smoking.
best of luck

Joseph Bro
There is really no way to do so. Drinking water may help speed it up

well i smoke alot and have heard alot of differnt ways to get it out of your system
1 you could drink a lot of water
2 there is a drug called niacin but i hear it makes you red and hot for a while but it does get you clean
3 juices and things like that should help deff couldnt hurt

i'm glad i'm not in your shoes...

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