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how do i cure a cough and a runny nose by remedies?
i cant breathe

Take 1 or 2 cayenne capsules per meal. Don't take on empty or half empty stomach, and don't take with milk. They work quickly and stop runny noses fast! Try stinging nettle capsules also.

Get yourself some echinacea to give your immune system a boost. Breath some steam for congestion and let some chocolate melt on your tounge for a sore throat.

zinc infused cough drops are good because they give your immune system a boost if you have a cold. Chicken soup is always a good choice to help you feel better. There is a nasal spray called afrin that I use when I have a cold because it is really good at opening your sinuses, but you should use it for only three days or your nose could seal shut.

increase the peace
Cough Drops it does work

And last time I got sick i ate candy for some reason i got better lol

I hope you will feel better soon, use this home remedies,
let me know if you get better ;)


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