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Tom S
does drinking pickel juice flush your system for a urine test?

Kate L
I never heard that but i heard if you drink A LOT of gatorade before the test it can get rid of what eve you wanna get outta your system

maybe you shouldnt of done drugs. I hope you fail and go to jail

ahahaha i rymed.

Occam's Razor
Sounds disgusting to me. Ewww....To answer your question, no, won't work. I've never heard of using pickel juice to clean your system.

Best way to detox your body is drink lots of water & do a lot of cardiovascular exercise. THC attaches itself to fat cells. Cardio exercise burns fat.

Good luck...

Amy J
I don't think it does. Drink a LOT of cranberry juice, take cranberry pills, exercise, and drink a lot of water. That's all you can really do. I think you can also buy a detox flush thing from a vitamin store..but make sure it doesn't say cover up or anything because they can detect that on a test. Just use the flush. Good luck.

dont think so it would be yucky anyway. Sandy.

Monique G
I've never heard this. Pickle juice has a ton of sodium which will only cause you to hold in water thus slowing down the flushing process.

Trixie Delight
I don't know, but it sounds yummy.

I am a CMA

It is a myth that Vinegar or Royal Jelly will allow you to test clean..

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