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lOOk Ma N0 HANdZ
best way to pass a urine drug test 5 days after u smoked a little bit of pot?
i've smoked a little off and on and im on probation and the last time i smoked was about 5 days ago and i smoked/hit the blunt about 6 times. i need the best advice on how i can pass a urine drug test?

you know how that one girl said 'test pure'? notice how in the shampoo part it says to soak your hair in vinegar first?? i'm in the same boat and some guy who never quit smokin during probation passed all his tests by takin like 3 or 4 big swigs of vinegar (i know i'm not psyched about trying it either) and washing it all down with a shitload of cranberry juice. i didn't think it would work until i read that their thc flush for hair won't work without vinegar. i don't know if doing that will dilute urine or not, but to be on the safe side, take a multivitamin for a few days before so your urine doesn't lose any color...in fact, it'll make it even more yellow. a few years ago, i needed to pass so i bought one of those clean drinks, took a vitamin and echanesia the night before and the next morning, and passed. but 2 years later, i needed to pass again and the drink didn't work, so i'd try to stay clear of them. water does ABSOLUTELY nothing to flush out thc!

Don't think you can. Stays in your system for 90 days.

use your sisters urine, if you have a sister lol, make sure it is similar to yours if they have your past urine tests on file. I don't know how to get it out of your system though

Nicola P
It is very short period and I am almost sure that the THC will be still in your system after 5 days. There are many ways you can cheat on urine test but I don't recommend any of them. First if you decide to use fake or someone else urine there is a big risk of catching you. If you use some of the well known home remedies like drinking water, exercising etc, my advice is to stop at least 2 days prior the test. Water can dilute you urine. When lab is drug testing urine, they aren’t just looking at whether or not you test negative for THC metabolites. They’re also looking for evidence to see if you diluted. Probably the most important advice I have for anyone who has a drug test coming up is to TEST YOURSELF AT HOME before walking into the lab. You can find home test strips for a few bucks each at most major pharmacy, and investing in two or three of them is pretty cheap insurance considering what’s at stake. Don’t forget that these tests are 80% accurate compared to the labs, because in the lab they are testing your urine for ph levels, color, dilution, gravity etc. These home tests are testing only do you have THC in your urine. According to my long experience with drug tests I can recommend you one site drugtestfriend.com. They have very good consultation line (#1 252 489 4754)where you can ask all the questions you have. They will give you one very simple formula, which you can buy from the store for 15$, do what the consultant tell you and I you will pass the test 99%. I used them for my hair test first and I passed 5 days after my last smoke. They are good believe me. Hope I’ve been helpful. Good luck

test pure


Don't do what every idiot does and drink a bunch of water. They can tell when you've tried to dilute it. The tea idea seems like a way better path to follow

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