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 constipation what to do for it?
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 is gargling with peroxide effective?
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 can we store more data's on our brain by adding additional cells? is it possible?

 Where can I get a list or a internet link giving the replacement foods for B12? I have anemia now.?
I am taking B12 shots. I am also vegetarian.

 Is there a natural way to make stomach tumors smaller??? or stop it from growing any bigger.?
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 please tell me what it's like to stop smoking cold turkey?
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 Diagnosis based on tongue?? FAKE???Does a white coating of the tongue indicate problems or is it normal?
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most people have a whitish coating right? what colour is ...

 what are marihuana medical uses??
what are all of the ...

Why do we get tired when it rains?
i seem to wake up later. im looking for a scientific explanation if it is the cause.

Jose R
its very cloudy and depressing, and cold so u want to go to ur house wrap a bunch of blankets around u and sleep

The atmospheric pressure from the rain and the clouds affect this because I get headaches before it rains.

You ask..I answer.!.
cause you dont have something to do and there is air of gloominess so you fall in depression..

carl d
Darkness of the sky is relaxing, maybe not as many loud noises such as lawnmowers and people outside, the rain noise is relaxing etc

vitamin d deficiency? the sun helpsproduce it after all? found a link but not a very professional one i am afraid!

Tiffany T
Um-mm actually I have more energy because it feels so fresh outside, I love rain. Maybe you like summer? So winter is not your thing and you would like to hibernate...

michael n
barometric pressure changes caused by rain, confuse your brian into being tired. i suggest going to howstuffworks.com for more info.

Well, I think it's because it gets dark and gloomy. Dark and gloomy can make you fall asleep because there's no excitement.

Emily B
It's relaxing and puts the mind at ease. I don't know if it's scientific, it's more a mental thing possibly. You know how people say, don't go outside it's raining kinda thing? So maybe it's one of those things that we subconsiously say to ourselves, oh we'll just sleep a bit longer because it's raining. If it was sunny and it was fine to go outside, we'd probably just wake up and do our thing. I sleep in regardless of rain or not, but some people don't.

360 is beast
i think it's the sound of the rain that make you fall asleep or getting tired. That happens to me all the time too.

dude with a chick avatar
rain is made of hydrogen and oxygen.

when it rains more oxygen is around us.

the extra oxygen is breathed in through our lungs creating a sense of 'tiredness'

this isnt true but its the best i have

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