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Why do I feel sick during detox? ?
I have been doing a detox. I'm going efor a week but I'm on day two all I eat is salad fruit and veg water and pure green tea. but today I was at an expensive resturant and all i wanted was a salad but it came with a side of chips with mayo on it. it was expensive so I didn't wan't to hurt my mums feelings. but now I feel real heavy and glugish why is this??? carbs or something I hate the feeling it makes me feel that full for hours. and before I was feeling light and refreshed

Alison Wilson
It's very crucial to do detox properly especially when you are doing at home without any Expert's assistance. When you are detoxing, many toxins are released into your bloodstream, and if your body is not able to eliminate them properly, they can be reabsorbed and do more harm than good. So, you must know how to prepare properly and not do harm to yourself. If, you have enough time, take 5-10-14 days detox plan at Fresh Start- Health Retreat in Vancouver. I bet you that you would definitely see a drastic change in the results of detox. Moreover, the minor body problems get itself healed with their detox. Their entire program is well-balanced and effective from the cleansing drinks, fasting, and exercising to the steam sauna and the delightful raw cuisine . You can call them at 1-888-658-3324

You could actually be allergic to something you ate. Maybe potato? If I eat wheat, I notice I get very tired. I am allergic to wheat, so, I know this is why it makes me sleepy or sluggish. Detoxing is very unlikely. What you are participating in is not enough to have that kind of reaction. You are still eating correct? Just healthier. You say you are eating salads, fruit and vegetable water and green tea. That is more of a vegetarian way of eating and not a fast where you would actually detox. However, it does sound like you have some allergies to other foods you have stopped eating. When we stop eating wheat, sugars, corn products, etc that can give you headaches and make you feel tired, because your body is actually trying to HEAL and it wears you out. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day and that will help any kind of reaction you may have. We are supposed to drink that much water every day anyway. So, if you weigh 100lbs, drink 50 ounces of water. Understand? So a liter and a half would be sufficient.

Gary Y
You've gone from good healthy food to sudden greasy chips and fatty mayo. I'd probably feel sick too. For your info - *detox* is quackery. The term has no meaning outside of the clinical treatment of drug addiction and poisoning. Your body has evolved to get rid of unwanted substances very efficiently via the liver and kidneys. You can't improve on that function without medical assistance. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detoxification

Know the Cause
Mycotoxin dieoff.

a week of nothing but fruit and salad then you eat a whole salad and top it with nasty fries and mayo? so much for detox you just swallowed a bunch of nastyness... the fries are to blame.

Hayley Smith
your feeling sick because it means your not ment to detox

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