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What is the best medicine for a runny nose for a 2 year-old?
My 2 year-old has a runny nose that is running down her throat and making her sick. I do not have health insurance, and can't afford to take her to a doctor. Please help!


a tissue

spider webs an orange juice


childrens Tylenol.
or make her a cup of hot chocolate.
and make her drink lots of orange juice.

Improper Bostonian
Take her to the ER then, they can't refuse her care.
Medicine is not recommended for children of that age except for children's Tylenol.
If she is that sick take her to the hospital.

Tylenol cold for runny nose

Mum Mum
Go to the chemist and get some decongestant liquid ask the chemist.

i would say children's tylenol. but most runny noses are so common and normal for this time of year. maybe you should just make sure that it keeps getting wiped up and it will eventually go away on its own :)

It's proven that sinus medicine doesnt work for kids under the age of 6. Give her tylenol to help with any pain and wait it out. By the way you can get medicaid for your child if you live in the u.s.

chidrens tylenol cold .. or infant's in your case


U can get these capsules called Karvol. U break them open and put the liquid on ur childs pillow and it clears there nose right out

Make a garlic poultice by chopping several cloves of garlic (raw) and place them in the center of an open washcloth. Place the washcloth in a shallow dish or bowl, and pour hot water over the garlic. Fold the ends in and let it steep for a couple of minutes.

Apply the poultice to her chest, forehead, bottoms of feet, back, pretty much everywhere. You are getting the garlic into her system to help fight the virus. Garlic is a known powerful antibiotic without the side effects (unless you're a vampire!)

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