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 best pills to cause death?
ok im writing a book, and in it, the daughter kills her father will pills, but i dont want to use sleeping pills as the pill. its too classic. what are other meds that can cause a death by overdose, ...

 Liver cleanse, even if my gallbladder is gone?
Is it safe to do a liver cleanse if my gallbladder has already been taken out? I lost a great deal of weight a while back and developed gallstones, so my gallbladder was removed.
It seems that ...

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 I thought the US is against universal health care? Copied and pasted this Question!?
Among the wonderful things the US plans to bestow on Iraq are new and better roads, hospitals, schools, and so on -- plus free universal health care for the entire population.

I'm ...

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 What seeps out of chicken?
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When ever I have a little, cold, cough, or am just feeling out of it, my mom tells me to eat an orange. "Drink some orange juice", "take 2 vitamins a day", "drink some ...

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So I was medicating "smoking" marijuana last night, and it was supposed to be really good stuff. I smoke marijuana for my anxiety and sleeping problems here in CA.
I didn't even ...

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have acne around mouth?How to get rid of it> natrual solutions ...

 I need a cure for sore throat?
Ok, today like at the end of the day at school, my throat started to hurt a little and it feels like something is in it, but there isn't. I need a way to cure it by Thursday b/c I'm going ...

I believe it is Bolivia that is starting to use Cocaine for medicinal purposes.

Is it such a bad idea to use Cocaine for the same medicinal purposes as opiates?...

 i can't sleep at night ? if even i eat my night meal too much and what medicine i should take ? any naural med
is there any natural medicine which can help me? and without any sleep i feel sick and ...

 Where can i sell my liver"?
I only need one and im poor right now. I live in NE ...

 What would be a good digestive cleanse?
There a million of them on the market. Which one is a good one? Any suggestions?...

 Sore Throat!!?
Ok it started about 4 days ago and it will not go away ive been taking 4 different cough drops and i even got the ricola with Echinacea, tryed the gargle warm salt water technique. Now I woke up at 8:...

okay so i smoke weed every day but my boyfriend hates it me and him have been together for 2years we r both only 16 he used to smoke weed but then stoped after y grandma died of cancer i wanna quite ...

Looking for life
What is the Best way to clean your internal body or organs?

DRINK quart of welches grape juice.

Drink water and eat all the colors of fruits and veggies you can get you hands on. The most potent blood purifier on the market is called Prosit, it is made form the Aloe Ferox plant and works like magic. It does take about 4-6 weeks before you feel that your blood and organs are clean. Search for it on google.

Besides constantly drinking water, if you want to clean our your bowels and stuff, use Caster Oil, it is really gross to drink and you only need to drink about a spoonful. Wait about 3 to 4 hours and then you should have to go to the bathroom really bad. It's gross but it does clean you out. It cleans everything out. Water is always good to drink too though. And if your looking to clean out your blood, drink vinegar.

kyle r
THe best way is go to the gnc store and they will have some expensive chemical or go to your local health store and they will be cheaper.

Project Sasquatch
The BEST way? Drink about 8 glasses (3 quarts) of water a day. This would be over time. You can kick it off by doing a juice fast or something, I've heard. I used to fast on lemon juice mixed with water with two teaspoons of maple syrup for a day every now and then.

Lots of water and 100% natural or organic food.

Personally, I always rely on Tide.

Seriously, this is a bogus question. I think it began when someone got the bright idea of lining his pockets by convincing you that you had to "cleanse" your blood, colon etc. periodically. Some toxins can be flushed out with a daily routine of drinking water; toxins in body fat remain. We all carry some environmental toxins because our world is thoroughly polluted. Avoid mercury in tuna and other obvious sources of pollutants, including MSG and all artificial sweeteners (except stevia). Other than that, your body does not need an internal "cleaning."

Eat well and exercise. Nothing else makes any difference. Of course you should drink water, juice, etc. but I don't believe in mega amounts of water or anything else. Eat smart, not fad diets!

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