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 WILL u CAN u..?
Our question is:
Will you dedicate yourself to 5 minutes of

prayer, intention and/or vision


8PM PST, 10 CST or 11 EST for WORLD PEACE???

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What is bad about having a low temperature? my temp is usually around 96.8?


There is nothing wrong with having a low temperature. If it is constantly low, then that is your temperature. There is no such thing as a real temperature. Doctors have picked a termperture at random that seems to be the most common temperature, but certainly not everyone has that as their temperature. Mine is 97.5 as a constant.

Morgan S
Checking out possible health issues is a good idea if you are experiencing other symptoms. My body temp has been around 96.8 since I can remember. The only trouble is that for me having a "normal" temp means I have a fever equal to about 100.8 and a Dr. won't know this unless I tell them to check the records.

Nothing at all. That's normal.

normal temperature is 37 degrees celcius or 98.6
your body temperature usually goes down when you sleep
or if you are relaxing. There is nothing dangerous but if you are worried your doctor can help you out. If you have been sick the temperature goes up.

Janet S
There is nothing bad in and of itself, about consistently low body temperature. It is one indicator of an underactive thyroid gland. If you have problems like extremely dry, brittle hair and fingernails, unexplained weight gain, chronic constipation, lethargy, you might want to get your thyroid production tested. It can be corrected with hormones. If the case is mild, it sometimes helps to take Kelp as a supplemental iodine source. Also avoid flouridate water which binds with iodine & keeps it unusable.

Mine is the same way. I am sure it is just your normal body temp. I really don't think it is a big deal, but I am not a doctor, so just check with one to make sure. I know I am perfectly healthy, and my temp being the same, I know I am ok. Just check to make yourself feel better. You'll sleep better!

If your temperature is constantly at that level, and only rises when you are sick, there may be nothing at all wrong with it.
Some people have higher average body temperatures, some peoples' are lower. Have you asked a doctor or nurse about this?
It is most likely completely fine.

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