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What causes perpetual sore throat?
No, its not strep throat. Is it throat ulcers? or is it an infection from the ear, nose or throat? The temporary fix is one spoon of robitusin a day and one theraflu a week even when I don't have a cough or cold. Cold air and wind aggravates the problem and renders this temperory fix ineffective. Any ideas, or remedies?

could it be a fungus of some kind--have you seen a doctor-----do yu have false teeth? If false teeth do not fit right, particularly at the back , they press on a nerve and cause a perpetual sore throat.Try lemon water drink every day--3 or more teaspoons in 6or 8 ounces of water--try gargle of warm salt water- or try Zycam( but at drugstore)

Could be as simple as a highly inflamed nerve to the area.. you don't mention if there is any difficulty in swallowing or distress with the ears. It appears you are infection free. Doesn't leave many options open for other processes. The cold and wind is very suggestive of the high irritability of the nerve. It is highly probable, this is only the more severe of the problems you are experiencing.

Perhaps if you called a chiropractors office, you would be pleasantly surprised by the recommendations they may have.

Mistress Mychel
what about your gums and teeth when was the last time you changed your toothbrush, do you smoke, if you have gingivitis or any gum issues it can cause major ear nose or throat issues when was the last time you went to the dentist? what about your diet? you need to look at and assess all your risk factors and start eliminating them

Its either an allergy , or smoking, If you smoke that will irritate it more

Could use some more information. are your sinuses clogged?

try jala neti -- if you search the internet you will find lots of information. its makes your head feel a lot better.

try drinking lots of orange juice. its good and good for you. instead of sodas and other drinks try orange juice.

try eating pepper-spicey foods like mexican. the capsicum in peppers is thought to heal damaged tissue and ulcers -- the way you make your throat sound it might help. you can make cayanne tea -- sounds weird but not that bad really with some sugar or honey and lemon its different but drinkable.

It could quite possibly be post nasal drip. This happens when you have congestion in your head and instead of getting a runny or just stuffed up nose, the mucus runs down into your throat.

If this is the case, you should use decongestants.

If you smoke, that could be the cause- unrelated to post nasal drip.

A friend had the same problem since he was small. He used to take a lot of antibiotics to fight off an infection when it happened, which occured frequently. His doctor was also unable to determine if it were caused by allergies. So what he did was strengthen his immune system (by drinking lots of fresh juiced fruits and vegetables everyday). He very seldom gets sick now, if not at all.

Consult with your doctor to find out exactly what is causing your infections. By what you can do in the meantime is boost your immune system. That always helps.

Shirley B
Try slippery elm bark for throat. It is an herb.

Could be a sign of having mononucleosis or the Epstein-Barr virus, a viral infection that causes fatigue. Get examined, a simple lab test could confirm this diagnosis. If it is untreated throat infection it should be treated. Often enough when we see sore throat lasting very long it is the Epstein-Barr virus, common in younger folks, if untreated could lead to chronic fatigue. Pleae get it checked quickly.

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