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What can be done for really bad dry eyes besides using drops. It's really bad, with eyes having a tight?
burning sensation. Any advice, suggestions. Drops don't help for long and I have to keep putting drops in every couple of minutes, so what else?

First of all stop putting drops in, eye drops definitely do not fall under the "if a little bit is good, then a little bit more must be even better" category. Read the box to see how often to use. Second, even though it's natural to want to rub your eyes, STOP, sit on your hands if you must. A cold damp washcloth should help with the itching temporarily until you can follow through with the remedy.

Well you may have to go a little out of your way for this mostly no fail solution.....unless of course you happen to have a bottle of water in your fridge. I know "water" you say, possibly followed by "yuck!" But seriously your body is made up of mostly water so it makes sense that you need to constantly replenish it so as to allow it to continuously flush out the old. So try one of the new flavored ones, (my favorite is Desanti Grape, and miracle of all miracles it has grown on me and is now preferred over Mountain Dew!) Hope you feel better soon.

See your optometrist he/she will be able to tell you


1st of all may be u should visit ur dr.

2nd of all stop useing the PC and dont watch tv ur eyes need to rest ..
3rd dont set in a place with bright light ...if ur going out wear sunglasses.

4th use the normal saline (artifical tears) eyedrop till ur able to visit ur Dr. to diffrentiate if its an allergy or an infection ...

5th i wish u get well sooon.

gooood luck

You just might need to add more water to your diet. Drink at least a couple of hand-sized bottles during your work day.

Your eyes may also bother you because you have allergies. Allergens sometimes land on the oily part of your eyelids and you may not even know it. They're hard to wash off. There are somethings call Eye Scrubs at the drugstore that you can use when you shower that are both cleansing and soothing to your eyes at the same time. I use them once a week or so.

Realname: Robert Siikiniemi
I think that you should see a doctor at once, it could be the syndrome of Sjögren, a warning bell strikes.

Zakos the greek
Using Vaseline on your eyelids and lashes at night may help. Just close your eyes and massage the vaseline into them

Here I Am
Could be allergies and for that you'll need a prescription. Check with you eye doctor.
Or you could try Refresh Liquigel for moderate to severe dry eye. It helps...

Well, if you put a cold cloth on them and hold it there for awhile it takes burning and itching away. For a short time at least. ^^;

Have you tried any other medications for your eyes? I beleive they make pills you can take for something like this, and then you wouldn't have to mess with them as often as you would with eye drops.

Kunwar Singh
Wash your eyes frequently and put rose water into your eyes several times in a day. Cut a fresh cucumber in round shape and place on top of the eyes and sleep with closed eyes. This will cool your eyes. Drink carrot juice twice a day. Eat light food with fruits and salad. Drink fruit juices and plenty of water. Chew sugarcane and eat white radish with leaves to protect your liver. Take care and be in good health.

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