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 What do you buy in the health food store? why?

 Which first- massage or chiropractor?
I'm going to do both, but should I get alligned first or relax muscles first? I want to get the most benefit from each....

 Does anyone know about breast thermal imaging vs mammogramography?
PREVENTION: A new technology that has been used for several years in just about every other country except the U.S. is called Thermal Imaging. Thermal Imaging can detect a problem BEFORE it spreads ...

 I feel out of whack, unhealthy, want homeopathic direction...?
I get a decent amount of exercise, eat less than great, but am not horrible, work hard, have lots of life changes, but am feeling really out of whack (ie weight gain, skin conditions, frazzled, etc). ...

 Is there a natural cure for alopecia in women?

 im anemic and lately my eyes have been getting really swelled does anyone no if it could cause sweling thanks?

 How do you know when a colon cleanse is working?
I am using the Michael's brand "Ultimate Detox & Cleanse" and do not notice any results....

 anyone Know anything on Cryogenics?

 what is a good herbal remedy for female infertility?

 Has anyone heard of differen?
I don't know if I should buy it or not. It is for acne. I have tryed alot of things in the past months and I feel like this probally won't work either. I use to never have acne. I don'...

 what is the largest human cell?
not organ but single ...

 how can treat problem of recurring cough and spitting cough?
i have this problem of spitting cough for last so many years. the cough recurr again and again i have to spit it out to relive myself, what should i ...

 Pls.tell me about positive and negative sides of Chocolate?

 are lucid dreams more valid than regular dreams?
didn' know which catagory this belonged in......

 What natural substance works really well for helping to fade and heal very red scar tissue and skin damage?
I have a very large area on my thigh that was damaged in a car accident and is now very red and somewhat raised in places. The scar patches sold in drug stores don't work--they are too small, ...

 I need to know more about motor nueron disease. Any cure????

 How do I search for a hospital in Monterey, Nuevo Leon .Mexico?

 What are some medications that may cause abortions or problems during a pregnancy?

 does anyone know where I can buy sea dog products? I heard it is available in Canada.?
Sea dog is also known as Callorhinus Curilensis. Its meat can be used medicine....

 Is the FDA run by pharmaceutical companies? Are we being lied to in order to sell drugs?
I have known 3 people who committed suicide because of antidepressants...
It seems like America has gone medication-crazy.

Am I just being paranoid in noticing how much happier non-...

The passageway of food, liquid and air is the?


Throat covers all of the above.


Dr. O'Pinion

chief 1210

Esophagus is the passage from the mouth to the stomach. The trachea is the passage from the mouth to the lungs.

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