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Tempted to smoke marijuana?
I've been very tempted to smoke lately, and I never have. The most that's happened to me is I've been in a car with 6 other people as they smoked, and I got high from breathing it in for a long period of time. Is it really worth trying it? What could the side effects be?
My boyfriend used to smoke for the longest time, but honestly it still scares me, and he's letting me grow into it at my own pace so he's waiting for me. I'm scared that if I do like it, I might still not want him to smoke. I really didn't like seeing hiim high, because it was very different.
What should I do? And as said previously, is it worth trying it? And what could happen?

smoking is stupid, its not worth your time to get into bad habits. you dfo stupid things when ur high too. and if ur caught, your in jail.

Karen Moore
when I was still a sweet young thing nobody could have told me there was ANYTHING wrong with it. it's NATURAL. it's FUN. it DOESN'T lead to harder drugs. blah blah blah.
Know this: no matter WHAT anyone tells you... you're going to end up doing exactly what YOU want to do! That's human nature. So us answering you is kinda like pissing into the wind to warm up my face. Kind of a excercise in silly futility. But since you ASKED...I'll weigh in.

For ME... pot cost me MUCH more than all of the silly giggle times I ever "gained" from it. It ended up costing me DEARLY. Should you try it? I couldn't recommend that any more than I could seriously recommend you try Russian Roulette. You probably WILL because we are curious beings by nature. But I'd just like to point out, that you mentioned you don't really enjoy seeing your boyfriend HIGH. Take a long look at stoners and ask yourself if their lifestyle is where you really want to be. Do you want to put yourself in a position where almost NO employer will give you a job now days without urine tests? Pot can be silly and relaxing... but it's still illegal so, if you choose to indulge in it, you are going to be putting yourself into a group of people who are OUTCASTS from society.

Whether or not it should still be illegal is another discussion for another day. But since it still IS...you are knowingly, willingly limiting your chances for sucess in a world that is already dog-eat-dog and not getting any EASIER. Is it worth trying it? How strong is your backbone? Do you think you can be just a casual "scientist"...trying it out to see what it's like and then crossing it off the list of things to do and turning your back on it? Or do you think you might try it and LIKE IT? What then? Guess it all depends on what you want to accomplish with your life!! How about considering a boyfriend that DOESN'T smoke? My daughter is out there hitch hiking or riding freight trains across the country with HER boyfriend and her baby...begging for food and living in the woods because that's the party life SHE chose. Don't say it couldn't happen to ME cause you'd be lying to yourself. What could happpen? Well...I was able to make it back but in the process I lost the father of my children to drugs... and 3 out of 4 of my kids have substance abuse problems. 2 of them are homeless, the 3rd one I haven't heard from in 7 years and don't know if he's dead or alive.

Ted Kaboom
If you're not comfortable smoking it than don't do it. Life is full of enough peer pressure, don't fall for something you know is only bad for you.

try it once so you know wether you like it or not. seriously though first times are gay so you should try it twice :)

Better to smoke than finding yourself at the doctors beck and call. I say go for it.

Speeding Jellyfish
I smoke pot everyday at nights before bedtime for 5 years, so far I don't see any negative side effects of smoking it. Depends what do your friends have, the strength of pot itself varies (swag as weakest with lowest THC content to mid with moderate THC to dank with high THC) for beginners, take 2-3 hits until you feel comfortable to smoke more because sometimes if u take too much by accident u will feel unexpected rush and/or paranoid. Other than that there are nothing to worry about. When I'm stoned I think of things I never thought of before, increased creativity, depth and thoughtfulness, finding humors out of boredom, depth in vision, hearing and taste, vivid colors, beauty out of everything, many things are beautiful and you feel calm.

You only live once, it's not the worse thing you could possibly do.
When i did it for the first time i was in a comfortable setting, somewhere i knew i could stay for awhile if i needed too, and it ended up being a good experience. Nothing most that can come from marijuana, is a lot of laughter, and an unforgettable experience. Don't knock it until you try it and it might not be so bad after all. But also they do say that marijuana is a gateway drug for me it hasn't been but for others you never know.

Good Luck.
&I hope you get a kick out of it.

smoke if you want. dont if you dont. but i will tell you that there are no negative effects of weed. or at least not a lot. the only one i can think of is the effect on your lungs, but its not like your gonna "smoke a pack of weed" everyday. most other negative effects are fake. i love mary jane and smoke everyday. but i can honestly tell you (im not pressuring you) that if you dont do it, you might regret it but if you do it you wont. btw, the smell and taste does grow on you. and being high for the first couple times can be overwhelming, but youll get used to it.

Tyler H
This is a tough question to ask on here. You could try it once, and if you don't like it you don't have to continue doing it. If you end up not liking it, but your boyfriend still pressures you to smoke, he is not worth it.

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