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 suffering from insomnia from past one and half years?
i m 22 years old male , i had some mental health problems ,so i took homeopathic remedy lachesis 200 c , and after that my mental health deteriorates very badly , and i had not slept after taking ...

 Anyone know a good Reiki healer in Liverpool?
Hi, I really want to try Reiki healing but want to go to a good reiki healer, anyone know of any good healers in Liverpool x....

 How can you cure migraines?
My mum seems to always have migraines, any suggestions on how to cure them?


 How to treat arthritis without taking medicine?
I have juvenile rheumatiod arthritis in my knee and ankle and I reaaaally don't want to take medicine because it upsets my stomach! I know I should do excersises, which I don't really do ...

 Getting a cold, HUGE test tomorrow (for a career, not school)?
I'm going into the military and tomorrow I have to take the ASVAB, which is an aptitude test that tells the military what jobs I'm qualified for.
I started getting a cold last night. T...

 Does Biotin work on black people?

 I was just diagnosed as anemic, please help?
For the past year or two I have been having an array of symptoms which include fatigue to the point where I can't function, fainting spells, dizziness, heart palpitations, missed periods, ...

 what would happen if i took two temazepan instead of one?
i want to sleep RELY well but im not sure if taking two of the sleeping pill will do anything...are there any consequences??...

 Does tetracycline have sulfur in it?

 smoking weed from vaporizer?
is it better than smoking weed or eatting it?...

 When I try to dissolve spirulina powder in vegetable juice, the spirulina powder does not dissolve?
It just clumps into a hard blob. The more I try and mix it in, the more it blobs up. How can I dissolve it properly?...

 does Chantix really work?

 I would really like to do the "wet socks treatment" tonight, the thing is I have a toenail fungus?
I'm scared that if I do the the wet sock treatment will make it even worse since the fungus likes wet environments and will grow even more, I know the socks will be ice cold but they will ...

 Is there a way you can forget about someone by using Hypnosis Therapy?
Is there a way you can forget about someone by using Hypnosis Therapy?

There is this guy that I am trying my very best to forget.

I only have known him since July, but suddenly ...

 Is smoking marijuana out of a pipe the same when you smoke it out of a vaporizer?
I have my medical card so im not doing anything illegal! Today i got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at around 8 this morning. I feel completely fine, i guess i feel a little discomfort where my ...

 How do i make my Mom feel better?
My mom has a cold or a flu. I know theres no REAL cure for them, but i want to make her feel better as soon as i can. Does anyone know any good ways to make her better?...

 why do i have to take these pills?!?!?!?
i got bitten by a stray cat on friday, and we went to the docter on mon. n he gave me these huge pills to take (their litterally the size of my pinkie finger) and my parrents make me take them. i ...

 Which is a better legal high, salvia or hawaiian haze?
I am trying to quit smoking pot, but haven't had much success. I need something that is similar to it....

 Home remedies for voice loss?
I have never been the type of person to talk often, however I recently began a job as a Junior Kindergarten teacher, so I have been having to use my voice A LOT more. On top of that, my fiancée who ...

 What is the procedure called where they stick a vacuum/pole up your rectum.....?
What is the procedure, where they stick a vacuum/pole up your rectum, and then they massage the waste out. Alot of famous people get them, to get the access waste out of your bowels, and you can lose ...

Paul H
Over the counter pills/sprays that make women horney?
my gf wanted me 2 look this up and so far ive got nothing. so, what r some pills or some thing over the counter that will make women horney? thanks 4 ur help!

Astro Sun
Horny Goat's weed.
Pretty effective!!
Found at health food & vitamin shops..


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