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 Best place to find a bud dealer?
First off, if your gonna tell me weed is bad for you. Just push back on the browser because i dont believe you and i have my own evidence. Now if your a chill stoner who wants to help me out, please ...

 can't we just send water distillers to third world countries to give them clean water?

 is green tea good to drink when sick.?

 If you could, would you grow cannabis?
Before you say oooh thats silly, illegal blah blah blah. Let me tell you this: I paid £7 for a seed, grew my lovely plant outdoors, got 1lb of weed and made £2000. I grew more than one plant and ...

 Any cold remedies that actually work?
I've had a cold for five days now. I have a stuffy nose and that dry, painful cough. I have to leave tomorrow and be somewhere for the whole weekend, and I was really counting on this cold to ...

 What's the best medication for Schizophrenia?
I'm really sure I have it so I wanted to know the best affective treatment for this cause I don't want to take a medication for the rest of my miserably life....

 i really want to get high???????
okay so on friday i was planning on getting this hubby edible weed bar but my connect didnt show up to class. And to top it off i gave her $11 effin dollars and she didnt even freakin show up. So now ...

 Drugs question........?
i heard my friend talk say something like 60x or 40x and something about how high you get (referring to drugs) but i have no clue what he meant by that. what could he have been talking about? he ...

 Sick stomach hangover helppppp....?
I have my first gym session with an instructor in 3 hours . . . But I was out last night & have the worst hangover, Not so much a headache. But my stomach- O m g. It's the most nauseous ...

 Which natural oils help with hair growth?
Currently I'm using a mixture of flaxseed oil, rosemary essential oil, basil essential oil, castor seed oil on my scalp every two days or so to try to stimulate hair growth. I've also begun ...

 5-htp and mdma similarities?
just a casual question- mdma induces euphoria by increasing serotonin levels. so wouldnt taking 5-htp supplements (precursor to serotonin- increases serotonin levels when metabolized into serotonin) ...

 Is there another alternative for my eyes?
See I have really bad allergies all season long except for fall and winter. But strangly it hasn't gone away yet. I use allergie eye drop but I seems to work for 30 mins. My friends and teachers ...

 What's a quick remedy for a sore throat?

 Can cough drops work as an antacid like tums?
I have like acid in my throat, heartburn, or something, but I don't have any tums left. Could a cough drop work as an antacid. I would think not cause the it just cools your throat temporarily, ...

 What supplement can I take to concentrate better while studying?
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good supplement to take for concentration? Whenever I study, I find it had to sit still and focus on the tasks at hand. What do you suggest? What do you also ...

 best supplement to take for tired muscles?
i'm currently doing a lot of exercise that involves quite a bit of arm and leg strength, i was just wondering if there are any supplements i could take that would help keep the strength up, i...

 Will snorting Midrin get you high?
Okay so, I'm just going to be straight up, I'm taking this for headaches and it makes me feel weird. Would it make me feel weider of I snorted it? Basically, will it kill me?...

 Can 1 mucinex dm pill get you high?
(the extended release one) since it has 60 mg of dxm......

 What are some good over the counter sleeping pills?
I live in a very noisy area. I still haven't acclimated to the noise levels yet and I have trouble sleeping a lot. What is a good low cost over the counter sleeping pill that will basically ...

 is it illegal to snort benadryl?
or any other legal drug? and if it is why is it? because isnt all it does make it work quicker?...

Oblong Peach Pill, A on one side, 6 Score 0 on the other. Name of the pill?
I found this pill. it is oblong and like a peachy color. On one side is the letter A in the middle. on the other side it has a 6, then a score, and then a 0. I have looked everywhere and can't find out what it is.

James Dillon
She asked what it was not if it was a good idea to take it. Anyway check pill identifier or something similar

If you do not know what it is, then it is most likely not your med, so why do you need to know? NEVER take pills that you have no idea what they could do to you! Really BAD idea.


Fugunga Matahi

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