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steve s
Is it safe to buy pain pills online?
Where to buy pain pills online and is it safe??

if you must ask theres obviously some doubt, you answered your own question by asking.

craig m
NO the feds are on 2 it....If u do go 2 a hot site and u will be alright

no Pls don't . consult yr G.P. take care.

There is a safe way to buy drugs online, but you need to do your research. There is a way to check to see if the site is approved to sell online, it is some sort of FDA approval thing. If the site is approved then your safe, if not then you take a very big risk of the drugs containing poisons. I myself don't recommend it at all but yes there are safe ways to do so. Hope this helps.

i would recommond mexico way way cheeper and better

No I wouldn’t trust it…just get a prescription & go to your local drug store or just purchase the pills yourself at the drug store. You don’t know who could be selling the pills or if they are reliable.

Jane Doe
I wouldnt cuz most of those pills are from other coumtries and they could be dangerous You don't now if what your buying is what you are actually receiving

No. You don't what you are getting. They could contain unsafe ingredients.

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