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Is it safe/ok to chew a pill or a capsule?
Well, i hate swallowing pills or capsules. I just chew my pill and swallow it with a bit of juice. The capsules, i just open them and put the powder in my mouth and i swallow it with a but of juice. I am worried that this is not safe/ok. Please could you tell me. Thank you

Lottisha Mist
I should think it would be ok
as long as you're taking the medicine part

I used to have tablets dissolve in some water when I was little

Los Pirata
As long as they are off the shelf and weak pills, then no problem. Don't dissolve in juice but in a glass of water and drink in one go. This will have the same affect as swallowing and dissolving the capsule in the stomach.

as long as its not a timed-release opiate narcotic its safe
& it will work faster
but it will prob taste like @ss :(

Hannah Chan
It is better to dissolve it in water if you can, but it should be fine :D

My understanding would be that this is not a safe practice. When you chew a pill or capsule you are increasing the surface area of the medication and thereby increase its absorption rate. This may lead to a spike in medication and may not have desirable results.

Example would be a medication that is labeled XR which means extended release. So if you chewed or dissolved one of these pills you would get in a very short period of time what would normally be delivered over several hours.

mildred f
Extended release medicines should not be chewed or crushed. Ever. You would get the whole thing immediately. If you can swallow food items, you should be able to learn this skill.

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