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I was at Walmart paying for my stuff @ the self checkout. When my son and I were paying for our purchases with a bunch of coins that were saved up. This other female customer started putting her ...

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does laxitive pills help you loose weight?...

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good cuz i really wanna ...

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for an adult, I have no med ins for 2 more ...

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what is an enema? and where can i get one?...

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My boyfriend is 5'6" and weighs 150 pounds. he broke his ankle and leg and the dr gave him vicodin. he took 10 a week ago but we got in a fight today and he took 20. his sister texted me ...

 what kind of pill is this?
Its an orange-ish peach-ish color- with a line across the middle on the top of the line is an M and on the bottom is the number 40 .. the person who game it to me told me it was a downer similar to a ...

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 Is Legal Marijuana as effective?
anyone know i was thinking about buying ...

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 is there a natural way to stop panic attacks.?
i suffer badly with panic attacks, i have about 4 or 5 a week. sometimes they come out of no where and can be really stressful, i am terrified of having one in public. i take antidepressants as it is ...

 vitamin question.. been sick alot..
i have been sick alot the past 6 months. someone had suggested taking more vitamin c. i am diabetic and i have to stay away from a lot of fruits because of the carbs. so i thought it wouldn't be ...

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Is it OK to smoke weed using a Zippo Lighter!?
Or is it bad for you! For those of you that don't know what a Zippo Lighter check out the link

I'm smoking WEED till the day that I die so dont lecture me!

The Zippo lighter is perfectly safe. However, marijuana users gradually lose their sanity and ability to earn a living.

I guy that I knew in high school still smokes marijuana and lives in a box under a highway. I drive by his box daily, on my way to work, and have seen him smoking. Classy guy.

you're a -d u m b a s s-

hmmm....let me see...option 2: it's bad for you.

Smoke is bad to health.It's better than a normal lighter, especially when you are smoking outside if it's windy.Thanks..

It's better than a normal lighter, especially when you are smoking outside if it's windy. (The Zippo Blue Torch lighters that is).

BSherman is full of ****, the people i knew who smoked all the time live very successful lives. As oppose to people who take coke, alcohol, or more heavy drugs daily.

It is ok if you must but it burns bud up really fast... I would suggest a bic if you are indoors or it isn't windy and a zippo if you are in a place where you have to.

sure...same as a match

its ok i use zippos all the time when i run out of bics. but they are hard to hit da bowl with cause the flame is big usually and doesn't want to stay down.

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