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Is 1000mg of Vitamin C a day safe?
Could i take more and be ok, or should i take less?

Or even, lol, continue with 1000mg?

Thanks, have a great day.

el loco
yes that is fine. you will notice the effect of taking it as.. well, you will pass gas more when you have that high level of vitamin C. vitamin E and C work together. so it would also help to take the E

I currently take between 12 and 36 grams per day (12000 - 36000 mg) without any problem. If you take more than can be handled by your body at a given time, you get temporary diarrhea. One researcher/physician recommends "titrating to bowel tolerance", which means increasing your dose just up until you get diarrhea and then backing off to the point where you don't have to run for the toilet. He maintains that this is the optimal level of C required by your body at that time. And that amount can change depending on what germs/infections you're fighting at any given time. We commonly give our children massive doses of C on the rare occasion they get sick and neither has ever been ill for more than 24 hours. My daughter took 36 grams of C in 4 hours without any stomach issue when she had strep throat.

Keep in mind though if you're taking tablets (rather than pure ascorbic acid or an ascorbate) that you're also taking a bunch of fillers with it. I'd be more concerned about taking too much of THOSE than too much C.

Sarah Ontell

In natural medicine it is common for people to take even more than this to cure ailments!

Linus Pauling, who discovered the benefits of vitamin C took over 10,000 mg a day. Any excess is eliminated in your urine. The worst that will happen if you take too much is a case of diarrhea. Many people take over 6,000 mg a day on a regular basis.

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