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Hydrogen Peroxide and Epsom salt baths?
Has anyone taken one of these baths and how did they like it and was it good for there health.

Hydrogen peroxide is a wound cleanser/debriding agent, actually eats away at bad tissue, also eats away at good tissue. I would not recommend bathing in it.
Epsom salt is is mainly used to draw infection from wounds but, is advertised on the box for bathing if you have stiff and or sore joints and for muscle aches. However I would be careful as it may dry out your skin, lotion yourself well after and it should be fine.

Karen W
Hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts are usually used as soaks for wounds. It helps to draw the infection out of wounds. You have to be careful though. In some wounds it kills the good healing tissue and may make the wound worse

I can't imagine a bath of hydrogen perozide and epsom salt being at ALL a good thing. If you have any cuts or sores, it will burn like mad. I jsut don't see the benefit to bathing in this mix. Please think twice.

I use them all the time. I have Fibromyalgia so chronic pain is something I have to live with. I use the Hydrogen Peroxide and Epsom salts to get rid of my pain.
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is basically water with an extra molecule of oxygen. When you take a 'Hot bath' your pores are open the Hydrogen Peroxide goes straight to the muscle. Oxygen makes the muscle relax. Epsom salts are high in minerals... calcium is a known pain reliever for muscles. Try it.... it doesn't hurt at all... I take them weekly. I've never had it sting in any way....
btw.... epsom salt is used often in your bath salts that you buy from any store... all it is is mineral salts. If bath salts don't sting then Epsom salt won't sting. Unless you have a pretty badly infected cut... and then the sting is really beneficial... it means it's working in killing the infection..

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