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 have you ever tripped off of benadryl?

 Can men take a fluconazole tablet that is 150 mg to cure a yeast infection and is it safe?

 What are some natural remedies for a sinus headache (frequent sinus headaches)?
My 15 year old sister gets bad sinus headaches like every other day!

What do you recommend??


 is it ilegal to crush and snort pro plus?

 Why does my eye change color based my mood?
i dont really know what my eye color is i checked my birth certificate and it said N/A
it was been like this all my life and it never bothers me
when im mad my eyes turns red
sad- ...

 best OTC sleeping meds?
normally i use simply sleep but its not in the store anymore so any one help ...

 how much milk thistle should I take daily?

 Did you know constipation is fatal?
I was scared because I heard it on the radio a few weeks ago?...

 What's going to happen to me if I took expired antibiotics?
I had 2 year old antibiotics and I really needed to take them, and i got new ones and the package says it expires next year....so obviously the ones i took are expired.
am i gonna get sick?

 Why do pills have words and numbers on them?
Why do pills(like allergy pills)have numbers and words on them? How did it start?...

 what is a good alternative for sulfur soap that is just as good?
My dermatologist prescribed sulfur soap (Joesoef brand) to me for my mild acne, and I'm loving the results. I just recently finished the bar, but the problem is that I have to wait like a week ...

 im sick sore throat!?
k im sick with a sore throat and a deep cough, i want to know what not to do and what to do... to get better or ...

 Have you or anyone you know gone impotent from taking blood pressure medication?
My dad went impotent during the first time he had blood pressure medication prescribed to him. But unfortunately I can't remember which medication that was?

I myself am on blood ...

 Can celiac disease become worse as you get older?
I used to be able to eat fine enough to where I was just nauseated. Now it seems like after ten minutes my stomach feels like it's going to explode and I'm in intense pain....

 My vitamin has 0.153 mg of ferrous sulfate (iron). Is that too much?
It supplies 100% of RDA value. I am not anemic. Is it too much? Should I switch to other brands of vitamin?...

 is there any natural medicine to cure tinnitus?

 Cleaning my glass smoking bowl?
I can't clean my bowl with the usual Q tips alcohol and salt, the holes are too small. how else can i do it?...

 how to tinnitus treatmeant?

 Which vitamin is best for acne?

 how do you make treatment for tinnitus?

Say what you will
How toxic is clove oil?
I'm thinking about using it to cure something, but I have a bad rap sheet on overdoing things when getting frustrated. I don't want to off myself with clover oil.

Dr. Sujok
cure something what? we can help

Not sure why don't you drink a whole bunch of it and then let me know when you start feeling ill. drink it one ounce at a time

Mark Lucas
I'm not aware of any toxicity with clove oil. It's been used for centuries to dull toothache; and is a big component of Thieves' Oil from The Middle Ages.

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