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 Is there a SAFE over the counter alternative to adderall?
I just need something to help me focus more when I study. I have taken my friend's adderall around finals time and they help me really well. I don't want anything that has a reputation for ...

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I started free lancing out of a chiropractic office my first month I saw about 3...

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 Cold hands and feet...?
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 i have a cough need a cure?
i wanna go with my dad on black friday to bestbuy but im kinda sick. i wanna get rid of it NOW.im sick and tired of coughing and getting drowsy during 4th period.
my question obviously is.... ...

 can i smoke weed right now????
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 What can I extract codeine from?
I'm going to do a CWE and was wondering which pills contain it....

 Is no sleep for four weeks straight bad for you?
i havent slept in weeks, to much homework, and to much on my mind. my brother said its bad because ill get bags under my eyes, fall asleap during my classes, and wont be able to think or concentrate ...

 if you eat resin will it get you high?
i just want to know my facts..ive been smoking for years and know if thc if heated then its edable.....

 why would you want marihuana to be legal unless you smoked it?

 Which is stronger, Watson 387 or Watson 3203?

 will nyquil work for me?
i had to run 2 miles today for gym so i took a 5 hour energy shot at 2:30 pm. however i also slept til 12 today so if i took nyquil will it knock me out or let me sleep? i have class at 8 tomorrow so ...

 The benefits of green tea.?
How does green tea help weight loss and help prevent cancer? And any addition benefits, how do they work?(:...

 do docters check for thc in urine tests?
just for future refrence. i wanted to know if doctors checked for thc in urine tests . i have a physical coming up and i was just ...

 how to get a sore throat to go no away but get better?
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 Anyone know of any over the counter and/or home remedies to help me focus better?
I have ADD and my health insurance expired so I don't get refills on my prescription anymore that helps me focus better when I study or do my homework. Does anyone know of any over the counter ...

 Pills that make people hyper?
i know there are pills that make people sleep. like Melatonin pills.
so are pills you can take to make people hyper?
are there any that you can get without a prescription?...

 what are the best supplments for lowing high blood pressure?
I'm taking fish oil in the moring with breakfeast. I walk everyday. Id there any other supplment that can help to lower blood pressure and two help to loose some unwanted lbs?...

 how to expel all the symptoms of tinnitus?

How to add Saffron Into Tea, Or the best way to take it?
I just bought a good amount of saffron, seeing as how it is very healthy. How is the best way to take it, and get the most health benefits?

Iranian Saffron
Hi, Congratulation !!that is a golden spice with a lot of benefits :
At first please make it in powder then keep in a tin can or a bottle that must be in a dry place, you can add 0.100gr to your cup every day.
You must be aware to buy Saffron from a reliable source, then you are sure to guarantee your healthy life with Saffron :)

Saffron and many other spices are indeed good for you. It has substances like carotenoids that impart healthy properties.

Among the health benefits of saffron are:

It may help fight formation of tumors.
It may help improve blood circulation.
It may help fight depression.
It may help improve memory.

Adding a dash of saffron to some of your Italian or Spanish-themed dishes is a good way of consuming saffron.

Also, adding a dash of saffron (and probably cardamom) to your basic hot black tea is a good way of adding excitement to your tea.

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