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 is salvia divinorum used for anything other than getting high or to cure drug addiction?

 I've been throwing up all night, and medicine won't help because it always comes back up.. help?
Okay. So I don't know what happened,but around 1 AM last night my stomach started to hurt, and I gagged a couple of times until it came out. It was so much, I was so grossed out. I'm only 11...

 Will I be drug tested on my first day of training? (In two days)?
If it matters it's for a collections job? Please I'm so nervous! Do you have personal experience at one or a call center job? Did they drug test after asking you to come to training and/or ...

 What is the best kind of electronic vapor cigarettes ?
I want to switch from regular cigarettes to the vapor cigarettes that DO have nicotine in them. I want to know the best kind or brand. If you have tried some give me some pros and cons if you can. P...

 is the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away' true?
is it?...

 Which Self Healing method do you think works the most?
Do you recommend any good websites about that?...

 I have taken 1 ecstasy pill, will it damage me?
I understand what I have done is wrong and yes I will not do it again, but I took it yesterday at 2:45PM and I still have a headache, is it going to do any permanent brain damage?...

 Might have taken ecstasy yesterday, I feel terrible.?
I really need some encouragement as I feel like an ********. It could damage me and my family. It was my first time and I didn't know bad it was. It is called the "party drug" and I ...

 Valium and cocain ok?

 Do you know any good online shopping websites where I can buy DVDs about Alternative Medicine, Yoga, Health...?

 does antibiotics interfere with benadryl?

 is quercetin safe to take long term?
I have begun taking NOW foods quercetin and bromelain supplement to control my ashtma and allergies, and while even after the first two days the preliminary results have been promising (greater ...

 Would the venom of a brown recluse spider be a good treatment for a cancerous tumor?

 how much is the cost of Herbal life advanced program?
A close friend mine works in selling this product and she just gave me a whole package of this because she doesnt want to sell any more and just wanted to get rid off it. And I wanted to know how ...

 Can I snort this? What else?
I've done Vicadin, Ritalin, Perquisite, Oxycontin, and all that.

Right now I'm prescribed to Seroquel XR, 400 mg. I've gone over the limit by popping a couple and it gave ...

 What is a natural remedy for restless legs?

 Are microwaves actually bad for you?
I've been reading some articles and stuff that say they're bad for your health and food loses more nutrients vs conventional cooking...

I don't really want to believe them ...

 Is there anyway to chop pills to make them smaller?
I have to take pills every night before bed and there huge! I need a way I can break them down and put them in like soup or mashed potatoes or something. Anyone know a way?...

 should i go to school ON MONDAY, NOT TOMORROW THE NEXT DAY LOL?
I havent gone to the doctor. I think i might have laryngitis, my throat is sore and dry. Its been like this for like 3 or 4 days. If i cough really hard i gag and feel like im gonna get sick. Last ...

 What is the status of homeopathy in world?
Development, Status, WHO, Time-Line, Popularity, Q...

How do I trick a thermometer?
If you seen the previos questions you no about the swimmers ear and the allergies, and the swelling. I can't go to school looking so awful! But I have to have a fever to stay out... And I'm in so much pain..

Mega Lolz
Put it in a cup of boiling water and leave it for 10-15 mins. This always works a treat when i want a day off.

You do not have to boil water (that will take too long) Just run fairly hot water under the sink and stick the thermometer through the running water for a second or two and then quickly take it out again. Repeat until desired temperature is reached.

Tap it on a light bulb but not too much.

Heating pad :)

If you need to fool some one else taking your temperature try drinking something very hot first, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup... if you can't get any thing try going into your bathroom and get some hot water, you don't need to drink it just hold it in your mouth for 2-3 minuets. Swimmers ear is an outer ear infection, I have had several, I feel for you, the pain can become unbearable, make sure you get to the doctors and get some antibiotic drops if you haven't already. It takes a day or two for them to start working.

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