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 Will two 5mg hydrocodone get you high?
I'm just ...

I really wanted to quit it, but It's hard. What could be an alternative instead of smoking? I am working at night and smoking keeps me awake and it relieves my stress. Please give me an advise. T...

 Are there any natural foods/and or supplements that can help a person cope with depression and mood swings?
I get severe mood swings almost on a daily basis and I also deal with depression sometimes. I have a doctor's appointment coming up, but I also wanted to hear other people's suggestions....

 about green xanax pills?
someone gave my brother green looking xanax pills and its divided into 2 and it has the number s 902 anyone seen or heard about this pills are they generic or more milligrams i just want to know what ...

 homeopathy medicine Anacardium Orientale (Anac)?
I had read about the medicine (Anacardium Orientale ) from the book viva by george vithoulkas , it was written it was chiefly used for inferiority complex and lack of self confidence ( core ...

 Is it good to smoke this freshly grown weed?
so...i have some weed from a good friend of mine from washington and its wet and freshly grown he said it will take a day for it to become dry again only because the weed is in a small subway (the ...

 what vitamins are good for Alzheimer's?
are there any vitamins that will help slow Alzheimer'...

 severe holiday depression?
i went to orlando, disney, universal, kennedy and the bahamas and now im back home in a small town in south africa. its not that the town is undeveloped, south africa is a developed country, 31st ...

 What is an LSD trip like?
I know it affects people differently. But there has to be a general sense to what would happen.
I've tried mushrooms, 2C-E, Ecstasy, Dimenhydrinate, and of course, marijuana. But I have ...

 How likely is it that somebody is allergic to hydrocodone?

 What are some effective, natural supplements that can help with weight loss?
I dont have too much of a weight problem, but I noticed that this medication that I been on for the past few months, contributed to weight gain. It has become bothersome and am wondering if there are ...

 Do Kalms tablets have any side-effects?
I.e weight gain, drowsiness?...

 Is it true of what they've been saying about Resveratrol? aka The fountain of youth 2010?
It's suposed to do with the skin of grapes, that the skin is special at fighting off disease and stuff.

I was wondering if anyone is up to date at what type of world we are living in ...

 Whats an easy way to get to sleep?
I have problems falling asleep at night
but i don't want to resort into medication
what is a easy way to get to sleep fast....

 Help with a possible overdose!!?
My idiotic cousin just took 9 advil PMs .
Meaning in total he took.
1800 mg of ibuprofen. [200 mg/1 pill]
225 mg of diphenhydramine [25 mg/1 pill]

Is this an overdose? If ...

 Does smoking weed make you psychic?
i heard that it heightens your awarenesses, so does it make you kinda psychic while you're smoking it and you can figure out people's weaknesses and stuff like that. maybe i'm paranoid ...

 How to cure a sore throat immediately ?
My school have a walkathon tomarrow and I had a sore throat .The sore throat makes me hard to run .The walkathon only happens one year and I don't want to miss it . Every time when it was gone ...

 What's a quality bong?!?
What are all the great things that you think a bong should have? Please explain what each item does, such as an ash catcher, perc, etc..

I am trying to learn more about bongs, I am more of ...

 What's a good cheap vaporizer?
I want to get a nice vaporizer, any style, for under $120. whats the best to get and where should i get it?...

 what are some tobacco products?
im doing a progect in health on tobacco and need the products(:
thanks for the help!!...

Herbs that warm the body?
Are there any herbs that can increase the bodies resistance to the cold? I feel cold during the winter months and I would like to learn about any herbs that can make me feel warmer...

Kim H
Yes, one of the best herbs that you can take with a warming action is Ginger. You can either drink a nice warm cup of ginger tea (add a little honey to taste)/ and/or use a dried powdered ginger and sprinkle it in your socks before you put them on. Brace yourself! It will get very warm but will not burn you. The Ginger actually opens your blood vessels all the way to the skin surface capillaries.


Edit: I guess I was wrong.

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